'Mask 2' Casting, 'X2' and 'X3' Talk, 'The Tick' strikes back, more: Comics2Film wrap for May 8th, 2003


Fresh from his blue-faced turn in "X2", Alan Cumming is poised tobamf into another comic-based effort according to TheHollywood Reporter. The actor is said to be in early negotiations to playthe heavy in New Line's "Son of the Mask" sequel.

Cumming will play the villainous Loki, creator of the mask that endows thewearer with all the abilities of a Tex Avery cartoon character. Jamie Kennedy ison board to star in the film. He'll play a struggling cartoonist coping withfatherhood who finds himself raising a baby who wields Loki's powers.

This will be Cumming's third outing in a comic-based movie. In addition to"X2," the actor played a villain in 2001's "Josie and thePussycats."

Cameras are set to roll on "Son of the Mask" this summer.


Statistics published by BoxOffice Mojo indicate that "X2: X-Men United" probably passed the$100 million mark on Wednesday, its seventh day of release.

The Internet box office tracking site reported that the Tuesday take for themovie came in at over $6 million, bringing the overall domestic tally up to $98million. With those legs it's a sure bet that it got the receipts to push itover the top on Wednesday.

ChicagoSun Times columnist Cindy Pearlman talked to Hugh Jackman recently about themovie. The Wolverine actor revealed that there might be some fun stuff for fanson the upcoming "X2" DVD.

"Bryan wanted to do agoof reel, so I came up, grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. You've neverseen anyone run that fast," Jackman said, laughing.

Pearlman asked the director if the bit would make the disc. "That depends if my producer cons me into lettinghim have that little piece of priceless film because it's horrible. I'm wearingthe same outfit that [Famke Janssen's Jean Grey] is wearing," Singerreported.

The X-Men may be all about tolerance and understanding, but try telling thatto Muslim civil rights group, Project Islamic H.O.P.E. The group claims themovie contains anti-Islamic propaganda and it wants an apology from BryanSinger, according to a write-up on EURWEB.

The infotainment website reports that Project Islamic H.O.P.E's Najee Alimade this statement on behalf of the group:

"Within the first 5 minutes of 'X2: X-Men United,' an evil villain,'Col. William Stryker,' is shown signing a document in the White House. He isshown wearing a ring featuring the Arabic symbol for 'Allah.' Colonel Strykerwas never depicted as a Muslim in the comic book series. We feel this is asubtle but obvious attack on Islam."

So subtle was the reference that nobody really noticed it until the groupstarted complaining about it.


"X2" production designer Guy Dyas recently gave an in depthinterview with CountingDown about his designs for the movie. In it he reveals some interestingtidbits about what fans may be able to expect in the next installment.

Dyas hinted at which new mutants may turn up in the sequel. "Beast wasso close to making it into 'X2' that I'm almost certain that he'll appear in thenext film," Dyas said. Later he added "I'm sure that we'll see a lotmore of Colossus and this effect in future X-Men films."

The Danger Room was also supposed to show up in this segment, but was cut.Dyas also believes that they'll find room for it in "X3." He has alsoworked on designs for Sentinels, which he hopes see light in a sequel.

There's lots of great information about "X2" in the interview soclick over to CountingDown for the complete story.


Fans who haven't gotten over the demise of the short-lived, live-action"Tick" TV show (me being one of them) now have a chance to bring backthe big blue arachnid.

Sony Pictures and Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment are conducting a consumerpoll to decide which TV shows to release on DVD. "The Tick" is acontender (along with 31 other hopefuls) for a full-season DVD release.

C2F urges all Tick fans to yell "Spooon" and then clickover to the poll and stuff the ballot box with righteousness. (Yelling"Spoon" is optional).


There's been a lot of talk about "Fantastic Four" this week. WhileC2F/CBR News reportedTuesday that Marvel had announced a 2004 release date for the movie, Cinescapefollowed up by listening in on Marvel's conference call, expanding on thereport.

In that call, Marvel chief Avi Arad said the movie is actually targeted for aNovember 4, 2004 release. That's a pretty ambitious schedule for the movie, but"X-Men" was done in less time than that.

Then over at Ain'tIt Cool, Harry Knowles says he's chatted about the movie with Arad himself.Arad told Knowles that he wants George Clooney for the role of Reed Richards.The site reports that Fox is in "deadly serious talks" with the actor.

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