Comic Legends: Mary Jane's Shocking Kiss With...Mary Jane?!

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The video game for Spider-Man: The Movie had a cheat code that was removed because it ended up with Mary Jane kissing herself.



Just the other day, I wrote a list about surprisingly risque moments in superhero video games (no, Green Arrow, no one wants an arrow up their ass! Stop asking!).

That list reminded me of a legend that I had been meaning to run for years, but there never were any good images to go with the legend. Well, years have passed and YouTube has delivered!

Anyhow, in 2002, to tie in with the release of the Spider-Man movie, there was a cool video game...

At the end of the movie, after having defeated the Green Goblin, Spider-Man and Mary Jane share a kiss...

However, there were also "Cheat codes" with the game that allowed you to replace the main character (Spider-Man) with other characters from the game.

One of those characters, of course, was Mary Jane...

Mary Jane translates really well to the game. The problem, though, of course, is the whole "kissing Mary Jane" part of the story...


They then removed the cheat code for Mary Jane from later editions of the game (the code was GIRLNEXTDOOR).

Pretty darn funny.

By the way, I just love the idea of Mary Jane making out with the Shocker...

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