Marvel's New X-Force Isn't a Team - It's a Mutant CIA

While mutants on Earth in the Marvel Universe have put on a diplomatic front at the start of Dawn of X, the mutant nation-state of Krakoa will launch a secret, lethal incarnation of the fan-favorite team X-Force.

Benjamin Percy -- the writer of the new X-Force series spinning out of Dawn of X -- has confirmed in an exclusive interview with CBR that the black ops team serves Krakoa's ruling Quiet Council, with the tacit understanding that the governing body retains plausible deniability of its actions as it brutally protects mutant interests around the world.

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"The Quiet Council endorses their creation, but with the understanding that they are engaging in deniable operations. Right now the mutants are strong-arming the world -- by declaring sovereignty -- but they’re also making diplomatic efforts and want to be thought of as a generous and positive force in the world," explained Percy. "X-Force is not merely a team of mutants; it’s the mutant CIA. And some underhanded operations will take place, involving surveillance, blackmail, bribery, assassination. They are not beholden to the same commandments as the rest of the mutant nation. The Quiet Council is happy to look in the other direction, as long as X-Force keeps their operations hidden in the shadows."

X-Force often employs lethal force, proactively confronting threats to mutants. An earlier iteration of the team was secretly formed by Cyclops to defend the interests of a mutant safe haven in San Francisco, led by Wolverine. Despite the most idealistic front of Krakoa, the upcoming team looks to do the same, with an expanded arsenal of strategy and talent at its disposal.

X-Force #1 is written by Benjamin Percy and illustrated by Joshua Cassara and is on sale now.

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