Marvel's Thor The Dark World Prelude #1

If I hadn't just watched "Thor" again with my two oldest daughters, I'm not sure how relevant I would find "Marvel's Thor: The Dark World Prelude" #1. Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle write a story that picks up from the end of the movie with Jane Foster moping for her hero, the Bifrost shattered and Asgard trying to pick up after the subterfuge and attacks.

The story of the issue spans between "Thor" and "The Avengers," and becomes less a prelude to the upcoming film and more an epilogue to the movies gone by. Yost and Kyle do a capable job of replicating the actors' voices and demeanors while adding depth and definition to the Nine Realms. Darcy Lewis accompanies Jane Foster in this comic book, providing drops of humor throughout. The story seems to be a bit of a rerun from adventures seen before, and truth be told, it is -- albeit from a slightly different point of view.

Scot Eaton capably draws that viewpoint. The artist manages to capture the essences of a few of the actors, but Thor deftly eludes him, gravitating more towards someone Eaton has drawn in the past and less like Chris Hemsworth. On that same note, some of the costume choices that work onscreen don't translate well to comics, making Heimdall's helmet look more like Magog's than not. As with the line art, the coloring waivers across this issue: spots of it are nice and sharp while other scenes attempt onscreen effects mere paper is not ready to contain. Joe Caramagna's lettering is also uneven. The word balloons are solid throughout, but many of the location captions are red on a dark background. The end result is not always legible on first read.

In the end, readers' imaginations might be up to compiling stories similar to this one, capable of filling in the gaps between films while saving readers a few bucks. There really isn't a whole lot in "Marvel's Thor: The Dark World Prelude" #1 to excite readers eager for the next film in the franchise, but there a little hints and clues as to things to look for in November. I'm already in for three bucks on this story, so I may as well check in with the next issue. Hopefully we get something a bit more "prelude" worthy and less "epilogue-y."

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