Marvel's Third "Injustice" Teaser Adds More Thunderbolts Members

Marvel Comics has released a third "Injustice, Like Lightning!" teaser, adding two more members of the original Thunderbolts crew to the illuminated roster. Joining Moonstone and MACH-VII are Atlas and Fixer -- or they're at least characters wearing versions of their superhero costumes. The cover from artist Mark Bagley, inker Andrew Hennessy and colorist Sonia Oback is an homage to the classic "Thunderbolts" #1 cover. Marvel is billing the teaser as rising "from the ashes of 'Avengers: Standoff.'"

The characters are all shown in profile following the lead of a child washed in whites and blues. While it isn't clear who this child is, they may be a main player in "Avengers: Standoff."

In March, the core "Avengers" titles will descend on a small, mysterious town called Pleasant Hill in "Avengers: Standoff," where each team discovers a dangerous secret about their allies. Kicking off with a special "alpha" issue by Nick Spencer and Jesus Saiz, the story is set to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Captain America as Steve Rogers is assaulted in an idyllic town called Pleasant Hill.

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