Marvel's Star Wars Will Explore Yoda's Past in New Arc

Starting in "Star Wars" #26, Yoda will get a whole story arc of his own when Luke encounters a story in Ben Kenobi's journal about the small green Jedi Master. Speaking to StarWars.com, writer Jason Aaron -- who will team up with "Darth Vader" artist Salvador Larroca for this storyline -- discussed how he will bring Yoda into the series despite the limitations of the timeline as well as the way he approached the character.

"I was always trying to figure out a way for us to use Yoda. We’re a bit hamstrung in terms of the time period of our main story, because Yoda’s chilling on Dagobah," Aaron explained. "So this was kind of the only way we could kill all those birds with one stone — to do one story that connects Luke, Yoda, and Obi-Wan all at the same time, while still taking place in three different time periods."

"The challenge was to do something with Yoda that we hadn’t seen before. I really wanted to see just what it was like when Yoda was going out into the galaxy and being a Jedi," he continued. "This story takes place before the Clone Wars and it’s set in a world we’ve never seen before. I was always just intrigued by that idea. You know, we’ve seen Yoda as the teacher, as the wise Jedi Master, but I wanted to see Yoda just as the Jedi. So this puts him on a very unusual adventure."

"The other big challenge with Yoda, of course, is finding something that’s a challenge for him, right? Who can pose a threat to Yoda? I think we came up with an interesting answer to that question. That’s part of the mystery of this story. There’s a very specific reason that this is going to be quite the challenge for Yoda. It’s not a matter of just him being the more powerful Jedi. It’s a bit trickier than that," he added. "It does take place before 'Phantom Menace.' We do get a brief appearance by Qui-Gon and young Obi-Wan, so that’ll probably help date it."

As to his approach to the character, Aaron said, "I’m trying to find a balance between the wise, serious Jedi Master and that sort of sense of playfulness."

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