Marvel's Spider-Man Adds Two Fantastic Four Suits

Marvel's Spider-Man has announced the addition of two new, Fantastic-Four themed Spider-Man suits: the Amazing Bag-Man and Future Foundation.

These two suits were hinted by Marvel Games at earlier this month. Insomniac Games confirmed this with an announcment by Christos Gage, a frequent collaborator on Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man run. Gage also co-wrote the video game. He introduced the PS4 Spider-Man to Marvel Comics in his Spider-Geddon crossover event.

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Cage announced the suits on the Playstation.Blog, confirming the content would be available in today's 1.14 patch. He briefly discussed the history of both suits, highlighting the long history between Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four that started with Amazing Spider-Man #1 in 1963.

The Amazing Bag-Man was a prank costume courtesy of Johnny Storm in Amazing Spider-Man #258. After Mr. Fantastic removed the alien symbiote Venom from Peter, its spider-host, he was left without a costume. Johnny saw a hilarious opportunity and gave him an old Fantastic Four costume; to make up for the lack of masks in the Four's closet, he poked holes in a grocery bag for Peter to use as a makeshift mask to protect his identity. Although Peter only wore the costume once, the "Bombastic Bagman" has appeared as a wearable costume in multiple Spider-Man video games.

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The Future Foundation costume was an upgraded suit given to Spider-Man when Peter was asked to take Johnny Storm's place on the team in Fantastic Four #587. In the Future Foundation series, the white and black suit matched the attire of the other team members. The suit is made of unstable molecules that allowed him to change into his classic costume, street clothes or an all-black stealth mode suit if necessary. Although Johnny would turn out to be alive and rejoin the team, Peter's Future Foundation suit appeared as a wearable costume in other Spider-Man video games.

Both suits are available by downloading patch 1.14 for the game by connecting online to the PlayStation Network. Check out photos of the two suits below.

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