Marvel's 'Secret Wars' sells out

Official Press Release

Marvel is very pleased to announce that SECRET WAR #1 is sold out!

In the face of this skyrocketing demand, and staggering backorders placed with Diamond Comics, Marvel is planning to take the rare step of creating a commemorative 2nd printing of this special first issue. SECRET WAR #1: THE COMMEMORATIVE EDITION will feature a gold foil cover and will be on sale this May, timed to coincide with the release of SECRET WAR #2.

Written by fan favorite Brian Michael Bendis and featuring fully painted art by Italian artist Gabriele Dell'Otto, SECRET WAR #1 is the first of a five-issue arc to be released throughout 2004.

"My official quote is: wow," said writer Brian Michael Bendis. "We have been working on this book for two years and the instant, positive reader feedback was amazing. Nothing is more important to me than getting a copy to everyone who wants a copy, so I am thrilled that Marvel is answering the call. Also, since painted books are a real gamble for publishers, and this is a new format we tried, I am doubly thrilled that the fans and retailers rewarded Marvel for going for it. Issue # 2 is wall-to-wall Marvel heroes with art that left me speechless."

The painted art in SECRET WAR #1 is one of the series' best-kept secrets - this is Gabriele Dell'Otto's first American comic book work and early reviews are glowing.

"We blew out of all our copies in every store. Feedback has been tremendous with tons of customers calling in frantically asking if we have copies left. I would call it a certified hit!" said Sean Scott, Manager of Subscription Services for Mile High Comics.

Readers and retailers are reminded that each issue of SECRET WAR contains supplemental back-up features ranging from in-depth looks at the cast of characters, to behind-the-scenes tales, as well as special scenes that enhance the overall SECRET WAR experience. SECRET WAR is a five-issue series published quarterly, 48 pages, priced at $3.99.

Retailers are advised that the Marvel Mailer and various Diamond publications over the next few weeks will announce ordering details for this second printing. Retailers can also email service@diamondcomics.com for details.

SECRET WAR #2 has an on-sale date of May 26 and is listed in MARVEL PREVIEWS #7.

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