Marvel's "Secret Wars Journal" Set to Chronicle Shorter Battleworld Tales

It's a common practice for major Marvel events to be accompanied by a companion anthology series featuring short stories -- and "Secret Wars" will be no exception. In the tradition of "Fear Itself: The Home Front" and "AXIS: Revolutions," the publisher has announced anthology title "Secret Wars Journal" via Marvel.com, set to tell a variety of short-form tales from across the Battleworld landscape.

"We've got a few crazy twists on some old favorites, but we've also got some real fun explorations of some of the zanier corners of the Marvel Universe as well," series editor Jake Thomas said in the announcement. "We've got a fun riff on Millie the Model that made me laugh when we pitched it and tear up when I read the outline. We've got a Night Nurse -- You heard me right, kids! Night Nurse! -- story that is going to be killer, an intense X-Men story, a completely bonkers Misty Knight and Paladin tale."

No further details -- including month of release, length of series or any contributing creators -- have been announced, though May is likely, given the solicitation cycle. "Secret Wars Journal" is said to both tie in directly to the larger "Secret Wars" picture, and also give a glimpse of territories not seen elsewhere in the story.

This is the second "Secret Wars" tie-in anthology to be announced thus far: Last week, Marvel revealed "Secret Wars: Battleworld," an "AvX"-esque miniseries featuring fights between Marvel heroes from various realities.

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