Marvel's <i>Route 666</i>, <i>Kiss Kiss Bang Bang</i> delayed but not canceled

In the wake of a wave of cancellations from the House of Ideas, there emerges some good news for fans of CrossGen: While Marvel's revivals of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Route 666 won't debut in December and February, as originally announced, the publisher assures the titles aren't canceled but merely delayed.

A Marvel spokesman tells Robot 6 the planned four-issue miniseries are simply being moved around on the publisher's 2012 calendar.

Announced in August at FanExpo Canada, Route 666 and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang are set to join recent revivals of Ruse, Sigil and Mystic under Marvel's fledgling CrossGen imprint. Buoyed by nostalgia for the defunct publisher, Ruse and Sigil had solid enough debuts -- for miniseries, in any case -- selling an estimated 28,500 copies each in February. But by their conclusion in June, sales of Ruse had plummeted to about 10,500 copies, and Sigil to 8,900. Mystic's August premiere was considerably weaker, moving around 18,800; by October's Issue 3, that figure had fallen to less than 6,500.

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and illustrated Peter Nguyen, Route 666 re-imagines the CrossGen horror series, transplanting protagonist Cassie Starkweather to the 1950s, where she's a deputy to U.S. Marshal Evan Cisco. Likewise, writer Peter Milligan and artist Roman Rosanas put a new spin on the Mike Perkins-Tony Bedard espionage comic Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, with a young agent ordered by MI6 to assume the role of super-spy Charles Kiss.

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