Marvel's Relaunch Takes Shape

It appears that Jean Grey is only the tip of the iceberg.

After a tease of the original X-Man's return at Entertainment Weekly's website this week, a few comic fans with subscriptions to the print magazine have already begun posting details from today's feature story on Marvel Comics long-expected post-"AvX" plans - commonly referred to as a relaunch for core franchises yet not a reboot to the Marvel U.

In particular, CBR Board member "devrim" spelled out word of three new series Marvel will be introducing later this year (hat tip to Newsarama's eagle-eyed Albert Ching), which he described as follows:

Uncanny Avengers: (oct 2012) written by [Rick ]Remender. It is going to be the new flagship marvel title and will have among others Cap, Thor, Wolvy, Rogue and Havok in it and both sides will still have some AVX tension.

Avengers (dec 2012): Bi weekly with more then 18 avengers on the team. Written by [Jonathan] Hickman with one shot stories and longer galaxy spanning multi-issue arcs

X-men: (nov 2012) hold on to your hats...... Bendis!!! about the original five x-men time-travel two the present in a pleasantville style story and who are not going to like what they see once they are in the present and will find it unacceptable. Bendis says the time travel aspect of the story is not as important as the character based drama.

Doubtlessly, more details on Marvel's fall relaunch will be forthcoming. Stay tuned to CBR News for more later today.

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