Marvel's Powers United VR Welcomes Deadpool

If you've ever wanted to step into the shoes of Marvel's resident Merc with a Mouth, you'll have the opportunity in the Marvel Powers United VR game. A new video from the game shows Deadpool facing off against the alien race known as the Kree, using weapons from ninja stars to an actual bathroom plunger.

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The trailer begins with a wide-angle shot of Deadpool's desk filled with his work tools, including guns and swords. Of course, this being Deadpool, there are a few hilarious Easter Eggs, like a sketch of himself riding the Inhumans' transporting dog Lockjaw, and sticky notes on his weapons to remind himself to steal the Hulk's pants and make chimichangas.

As Deadpool quips, "This is where I really shine," he then leaps into action, guns blazing, at a group of Kree soldiers. To add to the comedy, every sound effect gets visualized, along with headshots for bonus points. At the conclusion, Deadpool rides up an elevator to bludgeon a member of the Kree with a bathroom plunger while chuckling, "Wow, that probably really hurt."

Marvel Powers United VR is a new virtual reality project with Oculus Rift that will allow players to “become” their favorite Marvel heroes. The game will include a co-op play style, featuring friends joining forces to step into the personas of Marvel favorites like The Hulk, Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, and Deadpool.

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