Marvel's "Poe Dameron" #5 Makes An Excellent Case For A BB-8 Series

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for "Poe Dameron" #5, which is on sale now.

As the latest issue of "Poe Dameron" proves, Black Squadron isn't the only team capable of roughing up adversaries. The latest issue in Charles Soule and Phil Noto's ongoing "Star Wars" series starring the ace pilot from "The Force Awakens" continues where last month's chapter left off; Poe and his team of X-wing fighter pilots have traveled to the prison Megalox Beta where criminals have free reign and guards watch on from a station in orbit high above. Dameron's team have traveled to the prison to get information on the whereabouts of Lor San Tekka from the gangster Grakkus the Hutt. But Grakkus will only give the info if Poe's team break him out of Megalox -- and, to make matters worse, they have competition from First Order security officer Terex.

"Poe Dameron" #5 picks up with Black Squadron trying to find their way out from between a rock (Grakkus the Hutt's offer) and a hard place (the dozens of angry prisoner's just outside the compound's gate that want to kill them). Poe then signals up to the orbiting control station where Black Squadron's spaceships (and their accompanying astromech droids) are waiting. Dameron signals to BB-8 that "Operation Upside is a go." Each X-wing's droid then vacates their respective spacecrafts and gets to work.

The droids are next seen logging into the control station's system, performing a still unknown task for Poe and his crew. But hacking into the operations of a prison control station isn't exactly easy, and the droids run afoul of a few guards. But no worries, one of the droids is more than prepared to fight!

Following the quick skirmish, we see BB-8 thank his fellow droid for their bravery by flaring up his lighter.

This is a fun moment as it's a callback to a (surprisingly debated) moment from "The Force Awakens," when BB-8 showed off his lighter to Finn. Some took this to be BB-8 giving a thumbs up, while others took it to be the little droid giving Finn the finger (or just generally showing hostility).

We later see BB-8 and the droids hard at work on the security field generator, an infraction that alerts the control station's officers. They send a massive droid to look into the problem -- and then we get to see BB-8 use his little lighter in the other, more aggressive way.

Will BB-8 and his droid teammates succeed in Operation Upside? The most unlikely little action hero will continue on his mission in "Poe Dameron" #6, which arrives in stores on September 7.

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