Marvel's "Phoenix: Endsong" Sells Out, To Be Reprinted

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics announces that PHOENIX-ENDSONG #1 has completely sold out but like its namesake, the beautiful Phoenix of ancient legend, it will return…in the form of a new Limited Edition printing.

PHOENIX-ENDSONG, by superstar artist Greg Land and rising star Greg Pak, details the highly-anticipated return of the mysterious and powerful Phoenix Force, the entity that made the character Jean Grey into one of the most popular members of the X-Men ever. The five-issue series has quite a few surprises in store for long time X-Men fans as well as those jumping aboard the merry mutant train for the first time.

"One of the greatest concepts to have come out of the Claremont-Byrne X-Men is the Phoenix," says Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada. "Now that Jean Grey is gone, the Phoenix Force has become virtually a character in its own right and really deserves its own spotlight. The two Gregs have handed in one of my most favorite miniseries here at Marvel and I'm so happy it's been this well received. Great concept, great story, great creators: win/win/win for the fans!"

Greg Pak is best known as an award-winning film writer and director. He's previously stated he's most interested in the "emotional struggles" of the characters surrounding Jean Grey and the Phoenix and this series is fertile ground to explore that drama. Pak is also pretty darn happy and proud of the introductory issue selling out. "Wow, I'm overwhelmed! Of course, I give full credit to the brilliant art of Greg Land, who was clearly put on this earth to draw Dark Phoenix. Matt Ryan's inks and Justin Ponsor's colors are equally stunning. I love those guys," said Pak.

"I'm also hugely grateful to all the Phoenix and X-Men fans who are giving the book a shot," Pak went on to say. "We're doing our best to tell a compelling story while remaining true to the incredible histories created by folks like Chris Claremont and Grant Morrison. Here's hoping that readers get hooked and come back for the next issue's even more mind-blowing, heart-rending happenings!"

Artist Greg Land is feeling particularly good about his latest project and is pulling out all stops to make this cosmic story of good and evil a true eye-opener. When presented with the news of PHOENIX-ENDSONG #1's sell-through he replied, "Fantastic! It is very exciting to see the fans picking up the book and liking what they see. The first issue really gets things revved up for the rest of the series."

Curious readers who may have missed out on the first printing of PHOENIX-ENDSONG #1 will have another chance to witness the resurrection of the best-selling issue when a special Limited Edition printing hits stands January 26th (the same day as issue #2) with a variant cover featuring Jean Grey pictured in her green costume.

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Editor's Note: For more on "Phoenix: Endsong," check out our interview with writer Greg Pak from August, 2004.

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