Marvel's OTHER Comic Book "Tax"

Thanks to readers Dave and Craig for pointing out something that I did not know - for the past year or so, Marvel has been charging an extra dollar for most of their comics sold on newsstands (it started with a couple of comics and has now expanded to basically their entire line of comics). I believe the theory (apparently one that has been more or less proven, I suppose, if Marvel has expanded the plan) is that the newsstands prefer charging the extra buck because it makes stocking comics worth their while. One drawback of comics to newsstand retailers has always been the comparative low price of comics. Since comics are noticeably cheaper than magazines, it really is not worth it for newsstand retailers to give shelf space to comics over magazines. A four dollar comic, however, is pretty close to how much a magazine costs, so it might be more attractive to a newsstand retailer.

Interesting stuff. Thanks, fellas!

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