Marvel's <i>O.M.I.T.</I> mystery deepens

What is O.M.I.T.? Marvel fans have been asking ever since guitar picks emblazoned with that cryptic acronym surfaced at Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada's gig with nerd-rock outfit Kirby Krackle during Emerald City ComiCon two weekends back.

Now, as Robot 6 can exclusively reveal, the above O.M.I.T. house ad running in Wednesday's Marvel comics provides a few answers. Whatever O.M.I.T. is, it's debuting in July 2010, and features the talents of Quesada himself and, presumably, Amazing Spider-Man artist Paolo Rivera. Based on the billing, it looks like Quesada's the writer and Rivera's the artist, though we can't say for certain.

But who or what does O.M.I.T. stand for? Your guess is still as good as ours...

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