Marvel's "NYX" To Be Completed After Long Hiatus

Official Press Release

NYX, the popular mutant series from Marvel Comics, will finally be completed after an extended break in publication. Fans hungry for new issues of the title have only to wait until July of 2005 for issue #6 and August for #7.

Reviews for the first several issues of NYX have been decidedly positive. Comic Buyer's Guide has said that Marvel has "a solid hit on its hands" and that "character development is the key" to its success. SilverBulletComicBooks.com notes that "every character sounded real" and also that NYX is "a good story about realistic teens".

NYX details life on the streets of the Big Apple through the eyes of a band of teenagers. These are not your average teens though, but kids with some very special abilities and, yes, some regrettably all-too-common problems. NYX's violence and pathos is portrayed in a frank, street-level manner, with a dash of mutant mayhem adding to the local color. It also introduced its first breakout character in the form of X-23, the mutant clone of the X-Men's Wolverine. X-23 has gone on to be featured prominently in the sold-out Uncanny X-Men #450-#451 and in her own miniseries, which is also selling out.

Series scribe Joe Quesada, also Marvel's high-flying Editor-in-Chief, is more than proud of the book and its ability to induce passionate talk on Internet message boards. "Like my art, writing has become near and dear to me," says Quesada. "That makes it very sad for me when circumstances pile up and cause delays in getting the stories out. I take full responsibility and hope fans will still be excited to get new issues." Quesada says he has closely monitored the reviews of the initial issues. "The kick I get from feedback on the book is indescribable. My challenge on NYX is to take Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's basic concept, teens with mutant powers, and present it with today's sensibilities and in a realistic locale. If readers see something of themselves in Kiden & Tatiana and feel that it's a New York that breathes real life, then I feel like I've done my job." he adds. "The characters in this book have come to life for me, and I hope for the fans, too."

Editors MacKenzie Cadenhead and C.B. Cebulski are elated at the completion of NYX, and are also forthright about some of the difficulties of the book's production. "We're happy to see NYX finally get back on track," reports Cebulski. "Yes, the publishing schedule on this book has been a little erratic, and for that we do offer the fans our sincere apologies." The duo's energy level is also high for what the near future brings. "Joe's scripts are amazing and (artist) Rob Teranishi has really hit his stride on these characters. Kiden, X-23, Tatiana and the gang really make an impact on the Marvel Universe that no one saw coming."

Retailers are also happy with the strong sales on NYX and are full anticipation mode for the new issues to hit their shelves. "Many fans got hooked on this distinct Marvel series," comments Brad Taylor of Fantastic Family Comics in Sunland, CA. "Its all too short initial run introduced some great new folks to the House of Ideas and its great to hear that more is on the way." Taylor also notes that the book doesn't get lost on his stands among the many other titles. "NYX has it's own voice in a sometimes crowded mutant and teen market, but with the promise of new issues and new adventures I expect to be seeing a whole new 'X' in my top selling books."

NYX will also be joining the ranks of the House of Ideas 'Marvel Must Haves' reprint line, giving a second chance to readers who's interest may have been piqued but missed out on the initial first printings. May of 2005 will bring NYX Must Have 1-3 and NYX Must Have 4-5 (with a few extra goodies) hits the shops in June. If that wasn't enough in itself, October of 2005 will see the publication of a special oversized hardcover that combines issues of NYX with its companion series X-23.

As always, please visit Marvel.com for the latest and up-to-date NYX and Marvel Universe news.

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