Marvel's New "Armor Wars" Teaser Features Iron Man's Galactus-buster Armor

All week long, Marvel Comics has been hitting the retro button for its teaser images, taking readers back to the "Years of Future Past," "Planet Hulk," "Age of Ultron" and more.

Today's image, released via ComicVine, revisits mid-80s "Iron Man's" "Armor Wars" story arcs, though Steve Pugh's illustration for the teaser shows things have ramped up a bit since the last time Tony's penchant for multiple metal suits caused trouble. In addition to the classic Hulkbuster armor, the bulky red and white West Coast Avengers-era armor and other familiar looks, there's a Galactus-buster armor in the back ground that's just begging to be seen in action.

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From the start, we've been guessing this has something to do with last week's "Secret Wars" announcement since the initial Alex Ross promo image featured heroes from multiple Marvel realities clashing. Plus, the teasers' SUMMER 2015 date syncs up perfectly with the Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic event's May 2015 release date.

Whatever the case, stay tuned to CBR for more information -- and more teasers -- as it becomes available.

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