Marvel's Mutants Jump Into Action In New "X-Men '92" Teaser Image

ComicBook.com has unveiled the latest teaser image from Marvel Comics, thus kicking off the company's fourth straight week of reveals. Unlike previous teasers that either paid homage to past events ("Avengers Vs. X-Men") or presented new twists on old stories ("Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows"), this image pulls inspiration from a whole other medium -- television.

The artwork, by Pepe Larraz, depicts seven of the nine cast members of the "X-Men" cartoon series -- Rogue, Storm, Gambit, Professor X, Wolverine, Jubilee and Cyclops -- in their familiar Jim Lee-era costumes, all powered up and ready to strike. The title, "X-Men '92," refers to the cartoon series' premiere date on October 31, 1992, utilizing DC Comics' recent tradition of marketing comic book continuations of old TV shows -- "Batman '66" and the upcoming "Wonder Woman '77" -- with titles that reference their premiere year.

Of course, as with the past 14 teasers, with it's "Summer 2015" release date, odds are this latest image has something to do with Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic's upcoming "Secret Wars" series.

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