"Marvel's Most Wanted" Co-Star Andrade Promises an "Unpredictable" Series

Although most of the details about ABC's planned "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." spinoff remain classified, we do know that "Marvel's Most Wanted" centers on ex-spies, and ex-spouses, Bobbi "Mockingbird" Morris (Adrianne Palicki) and Lance Hunter (Nick Blood), who are on the run with a bounty on their heads. The series will also serve as the live-action debut of Dominic Future, a former adventurer and gun-aficionado played by Delroy Lindo.

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In an attempt to uncover more information, CBR News tracked down co-star Fernanda Andrade, who portrays Fortune's "niece" Christina Santos, at the red-carpet premiere of "Captain America: Civil War." Despite insisting she could say "nothing" about "Marvel's Most Wanted," the actress revealed more about her character, the tough-as-nails Christina Santos, and the "unpredictable" action series.

CBR News: What can you tell us about the show at this stage of the game?

Fernanda Andrade: Nothing! [Laughs] I'm just kidding. I can tell you some things, I was told. The show that we're doing is called "Marvel's Most Wanted." It follows Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. They're ex-agent spies, and they've gone rogue.

It's kind of this whole brave new world for them because they've got nobody to watch their backs. And they make this unlikely alliance with Dominic Fortune and Christina Santos, which is my character -- they're partners. It's a really fun show because it's totally unpredictable. Nobody has any real alliances, so you never know who to trust.

What can you tell me about your character?

She's tough. She's badass. She has these really special skills. She just kind of knows how to work things, like weapons and cars. But a lot of her story and who she is and where her loyalties lie are still unknown.

What's her relationship like with Dominic Fortune, played by Delroy Lindo?

She's his niece, but that's about all I can tell you.

Tell me how you interact with Bobbi and Hunter.

Christina has some history with Hunter, which is also under wraps, and we don't really know what it is. So that'll kind of unfold as we watch the show. So that's fun. It's really fun.

Do you get a lot of action?

Yeah, I mean, everybody gets a lot of action! It's just packed, yeah.

Did you have to learn a lot of cool fighting stuff to play the role?

I don't know if I can say!

Were you excited to get a role that had that kind of physical element to it?

Oh, yeah. I grew up dancing ballet, and it's like an excuse to keep pushing that way. I love that stuff.

What was the fun part of the experience once you got brought into the family behind the scenes for you? What was the eye-opening or intriguing thing about the way the whole thing runs?

Honestly, on just a personal level, everybody's been so lovely. It's just full of good people.

Is every actor in Hollywood crossing their fingers every time they have an audition with Marvel?

One hundred percent! All my toes are crossed right now. You just don't know. You haven't looked down.

Stay tuned to CBR for more information on ABC's "Marvel's Most Wanted."

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