Marvel's Monsters Unleashed Taps Francavilla for Movie Poster Variants

Marvel Comics announced on Thursday that fan-favorite artist Francesco Francavilla will provide variant covers for all five issues of their bi-weekly "Monsters Unleashed" miniseries. Each of the five covers features a different and nigh-forgotten creature from Marvel's pre-superhero era and are rendered in the style of '50s monster movie posters.

Francavilla's cover for the first issue features Monstrom, The Dweller from the Black Swamp, first seen in 1960's "Tales to Astonish" #11. First featured in "Fear" #8 in 1972, It Crawls by Night menaces issue #2. Return of the Martian, dating back to "Journey into Mystery" #58 in 1960, appears on the third issue. The monster known as Zzutak was first seen in 1961's "Strange Tales" #88 and is seen again on Francavilla's cover to issue #4, while The Creature from the Black Bog appears on the final issue, for the first time since said creature's appearance in "Tales of Suspense" #23 in 1962.


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The upcoming series brings these not-so-classic monsters together with other, better remembered creatures, such as Fin Fang Foom and Devil Dinosaur. Their arrival en masse will require a large contingent of Marvel's superheroes to band together against them.

Arriving in stores on January 18, Cullen Bunn’s “Monsters Unleashed” will also feature an all-star team of artists including Adam Kubert, Steve McNiven, Leinil Yu, Salvador Larroca and Greg Land.

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