Marvels 'Man' Bill Rosemann resigns

Official Press Release

After nearly ten years at The House, Bill Rosemann has resigned from MarvelEnterprises, Inc. Beginning his career as a writer for MARVEL AGE magazinein 1993, Rosemann officially joined the staff as Assistant Copywriter in1995. Over the next seven years Rosemann was repeatedly promoted, finallynamed Marketing Communications Manager in 2001.

Known online as "Your Man @ Marvel" -- after the "insider" column that hecreated -- Rosemann enjoyed a wide array of responsibilities, ranging fromoverseeing the Marvel catalog, advertisements and daily barrage of pressreleases to hosting creator-packed convention panels to initiating thepopular "Marvel Buzz" section at Marvel.com to even leading tours of the"Hallowed Halls". As the laison between The House and the comic book press,Rosemann also enjoyed working with the media community, coordinatingcoverage of Marvel's key projects and creators. 2002 saw Rosemann take tothe keyboard, writing DEADLINE, a critically praised four-issue seriesillustrated by Guy Davis.

"To say that Bill will be missed is an understatement," stated Marvel editorin chief Joe Quesada. "He will always be Mr. Marvel in my book! His energyand love of Marvel -- and comic books in general -- is a rare thing. Butit's not like Bill is leaving us completely, since it's my understandingthat he's going to make a go of it from the other side of the desk as partof the freelance community. And knowing Bill, he'll be a success there aswell."

"First I want to thank Joe Quesada for all the opportunities he's given me,"stated Rosemann. "Ask anyone in the business, and they'll tell you that thebest thing about working in comic books is the great people, and Joe is oneof the best I've ever met. As a behind-the-scenes witness to the last twoyears of Marvel's rebirth, I was constantly impressed with Joe's -- and theeditorial team's -- ability to deflect criticism and concentrate on creatingthe best and most exciting comics possible, including the amazing HEROEScharity book. It was an honor to work with them during this historic time."

"I'd like to also take this moment to thank all of the fantastic people fromthroughout the entire industry who taught me so much and made my years herea dream come true, including the creators, staffers, and all of thejournalists from around the globe," Rosemann continued. "It is theirenthusiasm, skill and good hearts that make them the true heroes of thecomic book world."

"As for why I resigned, it's for the best of all reasons: family," Rosemannexplained. "My wonderful wife Alice Farrell -- who I met through friends incomics, don't ya know -- has an awesome family who lives down in Orlando andMiami. So due to 9/11 -- which underscored just how important family is --and realizing that her parents are getting older, we decided that now is thetime to make the move. We've been talking about living down in Florida foryears, but a dream is just a dream until you make it a reality."

"Finally, as for my future, first I'm going to concentrate in ensuring thatthe transition between myself and Joey Zerbo -- who shares my drive to seeMarvel (and comic books) in the spotlight -- is a smooth one," Rosemannsaid. "After that, I look forward to the October 30th publication of theDEADLINE trade paperback and to whatever writing work it may generate.C'mon, I had to get in one last plug, right?"

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