Marvel's Latest Tease: Neil Gaiman's '1602'

Like a teenage pop star, Marvel Comics has learned they can get a whole lot of mileage out of the art of the tease.

And with nary a bared midriff in sight, The House that Stan Built is back at it, with a new three part tease released Tuesday, hyping (or perhaps just hinting at hyping) Neil Gaiman's "1602."

The only accompanying blurb: "This August, EVERYTHING changes."

No further details were forthcoming at press time, with Marvel spokesman Michael Doran simply saying "More info to follow another time."

Those hungry for more information can get a tiny bit more information in the May 20 edition of Neil Gaiman's online journal. The author confirmed the project includes "lots" of Marvel characters (although he specifically says one in particular is not there) and that the teaser art is all from the miniseries' first issue.

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