Marvel's Latest "Dead No More" Update: 'Everything You've Been Told is Wrong'

Marvel's latest promotion for upcoming Spider-Man story "Dead No More" comes in the form of an animated gif, one that warns that everything that's been said up to this point about the arc may have been one big misdirect. Following a gradually accelerating series of related panels, the text "Everything you've been told is wrong" is revealed, along with the words "The conspiracy revealed this week."

Notably, the font in the word "conspiracy" strongly resembles that of the "Spider-Man" logo used for much of the 1990s:

The "Dead No More" storyline was first teased back in January of this year, and was later revealed to be a Spider-Man arc from longtime "Amazing Spider-Man" writer Dan Slott and high-profile artist Jim Cheung. "Dead No More" was teased with a short story in one of Marvel's Free Comic Book Day releases last month, ending with the major revelation that Gwen Stacy -- Spider-Man's former love interest who's been dead in mainstream Marvel continuity since 1973 -- has seemingly returned from the dead.

"After 50-plus years, we've filled up literal graveyards with people close to Peter," Slott told CBR last month. "What we're dealing with in 'Dead No More' is opening up many of those mausoleums -- only to find out they might just be empty. What happens when the wound left by the death of a loved one isn't just healed it is completely undone? Is it a blessing or a curse? There's going to be action, intrigue and horror in this event, but there's also going to be so much heart."

As stated in the latest teaser, more "Dead No More" details are coming this week -- though the gif doesn't specify exactly when or where. Keep reading CBR for the latest.

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