Marvel's Last Jedi Adaptation Reveals Luke Skywalker's Final Words

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi Adaptation #6 by Gary Whitta, Michael Walsh, Josh Hixson, Mike Spicer and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

In Marvel's adaptation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi from the film to comic pages, you'll find little gems seen for the first time that make director Rian Johnson's story all the more sweeter. In short, these scenes, whether it's a subtle visual, someone's thoughts or actual lines spoken, act as bonus scenes.

The final issue brings the movie's closing battle to life, focusing on Luke Skywalker facing off against Adam Driver's Kylo Ren in one of the franchise's most memorable moments. However, the big takeaway here is that we're now privy to Luke's final words, or more specifically his inner thoughts, as he dies and becomes one with the Force.

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This adaptation hasn't shied away from giving fans more of Luke, which goes a long way to make things up for those who felt he was robbed of a stronger presence in the film. In these comics, we saw him mourning the death of Han Solo, learned his biggest regret about how he handled the Jedi Order when Darth Vader died, and where he felt he let Rey down in training her as his successor. Now, we get further insight into how he views his time with Ben Solo and his nephew's eventual fall from grace, with all these emotions barreling into their climactic fight.

Before we get to Luke's final thoughts, we see him accepting does he has to teach Kylo one final, strict lesson, reiterating that no matter how much hope everyone has, Ben's long gone. "I've been waiting for this moment for a long time," he says as he stares down Kylo's fleet on the salt planet of Crait. "One final chance to set things right," he continues, as he lures Kylo out for one last duel.

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When Kylo orders the First Order to fire at Luke, another epic scene from the film, we're treated to another doozy as the Jedi Master brushes off the firepower, untouched. Once more, we got new insight into Luke's thoughts. "Sorry, kid. This isn't over until it's just you and me," his inner-monologue continues. Readers can tell something big is coming from Luke, a moment which honestly should have been in Johnson's final cut as this provides a lot more emotional depth to these often-complex characters.

Another unseen and unheard gem comes when Kylo finally realizes this is Luke's Force projection from the ocean world, Ahch-To, as he cuts his lightsaber through the apparition. "Any great master will tell you... Always save your best trick for last," Luke thinks. IT's somewhat understandable for this to have been cut from the movie, as Luke delivering this line would have foreshadowed his death.

And so, the issue saves the best for last, because while Kylo's been distracted here by hatred for his uncle, Leia's rebels escape thanks to Rey now accepting her role as the last Jedi and using the Force to rescue them. Luke's job is done and so, he passes into the afterlife on Ahch-To, fading away into nothingness with his robe blowing into the wind. But in this moment, we get deeply intimate with Luke as he passes, thinking, "And so it ends as it began. By the light of two suns. Before stepping into a larger world," as he dies.

It's a powerful scene because we know what Luke was feeling when he left this plane: Hope. More so, it's clear he was thinking of the twin suns on his home of Tattooine -- one of Star Wars' most iconic shots from  1977's A New Hope -- hinting that he is becoming part of a bigger picture.

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Had this been in the movie, fans would have certainly cheered because it would have teased Luke's return as a Force ghost off the cuff (something Hamill himself has hinted at for Episode IX). Well, now we know that Luke's death was just the beginning of a brand new chapter, whetting our appetite for what's to come next.

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