Marvel's Kevin Feige Explains His Post-Phase 4 Approach to MCU Films

Avengers Infinity War Concept Art

With a movie called Avengers: Endgame on the docket, it's not clear how the Marvel Cinematic Universe could go on in the wake of that movie's apparent finality.

However, Marvel Studios Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige spoke about how the MCU has progressed to this point and offered some big hints about what life in the MCU could look like after Endgame.

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"It was always about delivering on the promise we had set up," Feige told Variety's Playback with Kris Tapley. And he added that Endgame will be about "delivering on expectation but in unexpected ways."

While Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame were in some stage of production for almost five years, Feige added that the reaction to Infinity War's ending was "exactly what we wanted."

After a decade of blockbuster films, Feige felt confident about the MCU's future  after it's so-called "Phase Four."

"[We'll continue] to bring characters to the screen that you haven't seen before," Feige said. "While at the same time seeing new stories and new ways of the heroes you already know."

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With The Eternals and a solo Black Widow movie in the works, Feige added the only movie that's official so far is Spider-Man: Far From Home. However, Feige did indicate that Marvel would continue to its focus on diverse voices and diverse stories. "Is Panther a one-off in terms of inclusion and representation? The answer is 'No'. It's the beginning."

After discussing the possibilities involving the X-Men and the Fantastic Four that have been opened up by the recent Fox-Disney merger, Feige also discussed Disney+, Disney's upcoming streaming service. He said that the service was a "unique and very special" outlet for new Marvel productions.

"There are other things in development... but when and where and how and why- we haven't discussed yet," Feige says of Marvel's infinite possibilities. "But it's fair to say we will keep making films after Endgame."

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