Marvel's Inhumans Is Linked To Agents of SHIELD, Says EP


Former Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck sat down with the press at Comic-Con International this weekend to discuss his new Marvel Televisions show: Inhumans. Joined by Ellen Woglom, who plays Louise, a scientist who gets swept up into the world of the Inhumans and the Royal Family, Buck laid out how his latest series kicks off, reveling a few more details along the way.

"We first meet our world in the city of Attilan, which is on the dark side of the moon," Buck said. "These are Inhumans who have been up there for countless generations, for a very long time. We come into a situation where we are focusing on our Royal Family, the leaders of Attilan, where a small family crisis threatens to disrupt their entire civilization. That’s where the season launches us." This "small family crisis" has been revealed to be the political rivalry between brothers Black Bolt and Maximus, as seen in the Comic-Con trailer for Inhumans, a crisis that leads to the discovery of the Inhumans' moon colony by humans on Earth.

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Asked if the Inhumans could be compared to alien invaders, Buck asked, "Are they really aliens? They all originated on Earth centuries ago, before they went to the moon. You could simply say they are Earthlings who built a second home on the moon, and now they are returning." The trailer expanded further on this statement by Beck as well, revealing that Triton will head to Earth to investigate a Terrigen leak in the ocean. This is, of course, alludes to the Season 2 finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where the Terrigen crystals were thrown into the ocean, thus releasing Terrigen into the food supply.

This clearly points to the connectivity of Marvel's Inhumans and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Asked if the Inhumans on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (like Quake, Yo-Yo, and Lash) are similar to the Royal Family, Buck said they were distant relatives at best. "We have seen ‘nuhumans’ on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but this is completely different. These are Inhumans who know exactly who they are and know the importance of their powers. They know the importance of their Terrigen ceremony which is the holiest, most ritual ceremony in their civilization. I think the ‘nuhumans’ who inhabit Earth have no idea what’s going on. They are distant relatives of our characters."

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Woglom's character Louise, however, is neither Inhuman nor 'nuhuman.' Rather, she is a human doctor, tasked with being an entry point for the audience. "I am the eyes and ears for the audience," Woglom said. "[The audience] will learn about this world, and I’ll be discovering it simultaneously with everyone else." Buck added, "She’s also a scientist and approaches everything with a very analytical mind. She’s never quick to say, ‘that’s impossible, that can’t happen." When asked if Louise will be familiar with the Incident, the Battle for New York and other MCU events, Buck said, "She's aware of everything that’s happened in the world. All of our characters are aware of what’s happened in the Marvel Universe. She’s aware that there are people out there who possess super powers, so she’ll be a little bit more ready to be among them."

Marvel's Inhumans premieres first on IMAX September 1 and then again on ABC September 29.

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