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Marvel’s Inhumans Royal Family Lands New Ongoing Series

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Marvel’s Inhumans Royal Family Lands New Ongoing Series

Not content with a new television show, Marvel’s Inhumans royal family is set to launch a new ongoing comic series. Titled “Royals,” the series is slated to debut in April 2017.

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Announced via IGN, the series will send classic Inhumans Medusa, Black Bolt, Crystal and Gorgon into space once again, along with Nuhumans Flint and Swain and Marvel Boy. Writer Al Ewing and artist Jonboy Meyers will helm the comic, which will find the character revisiting their alien heritage. The group will set off on a mission visit the destroy Kree homeworld in an effort to more fully understand the origin and process of Terrigenesis, the means through which the Inhuman genes and powers are activated.

“It’s not the first time the Royals have been to space, admittedly, but I promise they’ve never been this far out before,” Ewing told IGN of the series. “I wanted to create a myth from the future, a quest to find answers and meaning in the face of extinction.”

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The series follows hot on the heels of the upcoming “Inhumans vs X-Men” event series, which is itself spinning out of the current “Death of X” miniseries. While the X-titles experience a “ResurrXion” following their clash, the Inhumans will find themselves searching for answers about their past, present and future.

“Terrigenesis is… not working out great the way it currently is,” Ewing explains. “It’s doing terrible things to the mutant population, and it’s roaming the Earth as a giant cloud, and really, knowing more about it doesn’t seem like that crazy an idea, even if it does take the form of a giant space quest.”

As for Marvel Boy’s involvement, the writer promises the former Young Avenger has a major role to play in the series.

“Marvel Boy is the outlier, the x-factor. I’m kind of combining [Kieron Gillen’s] characterization with the ‘Lord of Force and Fire’ from [Grant Morrison], then putting my own spin on it,” Ewing said. “He’s very necessary to the mission, because he’s a Kree from an alternate dimension. And he’s realized that there’s one piece of common knowledge in his world that just isn’t know about in the dimension he ended up in. Imagine going to a dimension where oil hadn’t been discovered… well, knowing what we know now, you might want to keep quiet, but it’s that kind of magnitude. There’s something Marvel Boy knows about the Inhumans that they don’t. Yet.”

“Royals,” by Al Ewing and Jonboy Meyers, arrives in April 2017 from Marvel Comics.

"Royals" teaser image by Paul McCaffrey

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