Marvel's iMessage Stickers Let You Become Groot

Marvel stickers

With a new iOS update comes new apps for iPhone and iPad users to play with, and this time, Marvel is in on the ground floor. With the release of iOS 10, Marvel has announced a sticker collection compatible with the system's iMessage app.

Titled "Items of Power," the collection allows you to decorate your messages with 'stickers' that transform you into Ant-Man, the Black Panther and more.

"Your messages are about to get a lot more heroic with MARVEL STICKERS! With this inaugural MARVEL STICKERS collection, 'Items of Power,' iPhone and iPad users can now express themselves creatively, become a part of the Marvel Universe, and further show off what they are feeling," Marvel said in a statement. "With the very first sticker pack directly from the House of Ideas, you can turn yourself into Spider-Man, defend your thoughts with Iron Man’s Repulsor, SMASH Hulk’s fists when you want to show strength, channel Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamatto when you have something enlightening to say, or respond to everything with 'I Am Groot!'”

The stickers are available now in the App Store for iMessage at $1.99 per collection.

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