Marvel's 'Heroes' update with new contributors, art preview

The word "Dream Team" has been used to describe many interesting team ups in the last 10 years starting with the USA Men's Basketball team in the 1992 Olympics. Since then it's been applied to any number of teams, whether they be legal or sports related. When you look at the list of creators that have pledged to contribute to the Marvel Comics tribute book "Heroes" the words Dream Team come to mind once again.

Friday Bill Rosemann, Marvel's Marketing Communications Director, sent CBR News an updated list of contributors to their "Heroes" tribute book.

Today Rosemann sent a press release out to comic news sites detailing the latest additions to that list, plus a look at two contributions to the book. First artwork by former Hulk artist Dale Keon and then a tribute piece to New York's Finest and Bravest by Tom Palmer.

"Recent additions include Carlos Pacheco, Salvador Larroca, Art Thibert, Bob Layton, Phil Hester, Jose Villarubia, Tom Palmer, Jim Krueger, Dale Keown, Tom Raney, and Joe Madueria," said Rosemann in a release. "And yesterday Joe Quesada told me that the 'Watchmen' team of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons have reunited on their own contribution! I apologize if I've repeated names or left anyone off, but this place is like Grand Central Station at rush hour!"

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