Marvel's First Disney+ Series Is Sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

As Disney officially enters the streaming game with the auspicious launch of its digital platform Disney+, Marvel's first original series on the service, Marvel's Hero Project, is off to a strong start.

The documentary series, spotlighting young individuals who strive to make their communities a better place in the real world, debuted with the premium streaming service today and has received universal acclaim to date. The series currently holds a perfect 100% professional critic score on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, though this is subject to change as more scores roll in.

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The first season will follow 20 different children making a difference around the country, with each episode running for approximately half an hour.

As part of a celebration of each individual story's impact, the children will each be reimagined as a Marvel Comics superhero and receive their own comic book, as they save the day alongside their favorite heroes. With the series' first two episodes reviewed, the uplifting program is an early critical favorite for the new platform.

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Marvel's Hero Project is executive produced by Joe Quesada, Stephen Wacker, Shane Rahmani, Liza Wyles and Sarah Amos for Marvel and Maura Mandt and John Hirsch for MaggieVision Productions. The series is streaming now on Disney+.

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