Marvel's "Future" is in Latour & Asrar's Hands

Looks like it's time for another round of one-word Marvel Comics teasers, with Monday's entry promoting a March 2014 book from the team of writer Jason Latour and artist Mahmud Asrar.

At this point, guesses for what the gold-and-purple "Future" could be teasing are fairly wide open -- a book starring young heroes, of which there are many in Marvel's current roster? Or something more literal, and actually set in the future of the Marvel Universe?

A writer and an artist, Latour has written "Winter Soldier" for Marvel, and co-wrote the "Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted" Infinite Comic with Jason Aaron -- who he's also collaborating with on forthcoming Image Comics series "Southern Bastards." Asrar has illustrated a variety of Marvel and DC Comics series, most recently "Indestructible Hulk." Last week on Twitter, Asrar indicated that he was starting work on a new series.

If this teaser keeps with recent Marvel tradition, full details on what Latour and Asrar have in the works should be coming soon, likely within 24 hours.

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