Marvel's The Eternals: Who's Stronger, Gilgamesh or Hulk?

Marvel Studio's Eternals will be the second film of Phase Four. This space epic will introduce casual audiences to a great deal of new characters, including the all-powerful hero Gilgamesh. This incredibly powerful hero, also known as The Forgotten One and Hercules (though he isn't the Greek deity Hercules), is a powerful immortal. He will be played by Ma Dong-seok in Eternals.

Gilgamesh is the second-strongest of the Eternals, with only Thanos surpassing him in strength. But his strength becomes a matter of debate when people start asking who is stronger: Gilgamesh or the Incredible Hulk?

So, who is stronger? Have the comics ever offered a definitive answer? How strong are both of them? Who would win in a fight? Is there a way to measure strength beyond raw power?

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How Strong Is Each?

It is hard to assess each character's strengths due to the extremes displayed on the page and, in the case of Hulk, screen. Both are shown to be weaker than Thanos, but on par with Thor. In the MCU, this puts them on about the same level. Though, given this metric, the Hulk has a slight edge in terms of physical strength.

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In the comics, the Hulk's strength is connected to his rage. The longer he stays the Hulk, the stronger he becomes. On the other hand, Gilgamesh's strength is consistent. Should the fight start right when the Hulk turns into the Hulk, it's possible Gilgamesh might overpower the green rage monster. However, if Hulk is enraged and his strength increases, then Hulk will win.

This is how many fights with Hulk's enemy the Abomination go. Abomination's strength remains at a stable rate, while the Hulk constantly grows stronger. Because of this, the longer the fight lasts, the more likely it is Hulk will win.

Other Abilities

However, Gilgamesh is not just a strong man. He has several other abilities that must be taken into account to decide a winner. Both Gilgamesh and Hulk can regenerate, though Gilgamesh's regeneration abilities are voluntary while the Hulk's is involuntary. However, Gilgamesh's regeneration is tied into his ability to control every cell and molecule in his body.

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So far, Hulk appears to have the edge. This changes when you take into account Gilgamesh's ability to generate energy from his hands and eyes, though these abilities are decidedly average. What gives Gilgamesh the edge is his fighting prowess. He's an incredibly accomplished martial artist and, like Thor, an incredibly accomplished fighter, being arguably the greatest fighter among the Eternals.

While this might not sound like a big deal, strength is not the deciding factor in any fight. A strong fighter doesn't need strength. Technique can turn the tides against physically stronger fighters. The Hulk is a brutal, strong fighter, but he lacks technique because, again, he's a rage monster.

So, Who Would Win?

Professor Hulk Avengers Endgame feature

The Hulk at his most angry would beat Gilgamesh. However, given this, it is also possible that Gilgamesh would be able to put Hulk down quickly. That way, Hulk can't get angrier and, thus, stronger.

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But another factor to consider is this: Professor Hulk. With one arm physically withered after the Blip, Bruce would be at a disadvantage fighting Gilgamesh now. Furthermore, with Bruce in control, the Hulk's rage and fighting technique will be decidedly minimized. Bruce has never proven his fighting capabilities. In Avengers: Endgame, the Hulk barely does any fighting, using his mind as a weapon rather than his muscles.

Because of this, Gilgamesh, a far more talented fighter, might have a huge edge on Professor Hulk. However, against an angry Savage Hulk, Gilgamesh might be fighting for his life.

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