Marvel's Devil Hulk Finally Shows His True Face - and It's Still Scary

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Absolute Carnage: The Immortal Hulk #1 from Al Ewing, Filipe Andrade, Chris O'Halloran and Travis Lanham, on sale now.

In Al Ewing and Joe Bennett's Immortal Hulk, the Devil Hulk has been the driving factor in Bruce Banner's new journey. With his gamma-irradiated background tied to some dark, mystical realm and the One Below All, Banner finds himself and this iteration of the Hulk imbued with a more supernatural than scientific aura, which has lent itself to the book's more horror-influenced tone.

In the Absolute Carnage tie-in, we finally see the Devil Hulk emerging within Banner's mind in a pow-wow with the other personas. While he sports a familiar look, he's as scary as can be and shaping up to truly be the agent of the apocalypse we've all come to fear.

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Banner holds a meeting with Joe Fixit, the persona taking care of him in the day; the Savage Hulk, the purple pants-wearing Hulk most fans are familiar with, and the Devil Hulk in his mind. This comes as he discusses whether or not he'll bond with the Venom symbiote to defeat Carnage.

In Absolute Carnage #3, this already happened, so we know the outcome of this meeting, but this still gives us insight into how Banner arrived at his decision and exactly what role the Devil Hulk played. Since his connection to the One Below All, something which makes Banner immortal and destined to destroy Earth, is as strong as ever, the Devil Hulk doesn't want to share anything with Venom, especially not the Hulk's form.

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The Devil Hulk was created in 2000's Incredible Hulk #13, by Paul Jenkins, Ron Garney and Sal Buscema, to ensure that the Hulk would survive. Back then, he has a lizard-like face, and he more or less maintains the same look here, although artist Filipe Andrade keeps it a bit more streamlined.

The Devil Hulk's intentions remain the same, however, and he lets Banner know that Venom doesn't factor into their endgame. He wants Banner to abandon the mission and return to Rick Jones and Betty Ross in her Harpy form, so they can end the planet as initially planned. However, Banner wants to fight Carnage since he wants to meet his god, Knull -- who he calls a cosmic Satan that could be connected to his own god, the One Below All.

While this could be selfish on Banner's part, any link to the alien deity could help him unlock more of his own powers and overall destiny to be an eventual god. Nonetheless, Devil Hulk calls intervening a mistake and believes Venom is just using them for their strength. Additionally, he believes the alien will "gum up" their engine and leavethem with some sort of residue once it's all over, which could ruin or slow down their plans. In short, he's selfish and doesn't want Venom to contaminate their ecosystem, even if it means letting Carnage commit mass genocide. The votes are in Venom's favor, though, as Joe and Hulk (who wants to help his friends) vote 'for,' with two dormant personas (the Professor and World Breaker) staying absent.

Devil Hulk sulks and heads off, leaving Banner to his devices once he knows he's lost this argument. But still, seeing him in the flesh -- so to speak -- is pretty intriguing, since Ewing's run painted him as a shadow or demon taking over the Hulk's mind. He's still a pretty intimidating figure to look at, even if he's cooperating with his other personalities a bit more. Still, you can't help but think with the One Below All possibly controlling his overall goals, the Devil Hulk will almost certainly go off the rails soon and truly prove to be a threat to all life on Earth. As a result, while Carnage might not fall into his cross-hairs, once Devil Hulk gets a clear shot, everyone Banner holds dear will probably have to pay the ultimate price.

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