Marvel's "Deadpool vs. Gambit" Pits Merc Against Thief

Over the past few years, Marvel Comics has established a booming business of Deadpool miniseries that run alongside the main ongoing title, where he's killed the Marvel Universe, squared off against Hawkeye and battled himself. The latest, announced during Marvel's presentation to retailers at ComicsPRO in Portland and with details first revealed at [outlet], is "Deadpool and Gambit," pairing two fan-favorite X-Men characters -- one with a current hit movie, one with a film on the way.

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The miniseries, revealed online via ComicBook, is co-written by frequent Marvel writers Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (creators of "The Thrilling Adventure Hour") with art by Danilo Beyruth and covers by Kevin Wada.

The series, which will "tell tales of Deadpool and Gambit's time as conmen working together on jobs just long enough to stab each other in the back," debuts in June.

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