Marvel's 20 Biggest Team Players

When threats to the planet are too large for one hero to handle, they often need allies. Whether teaming up temporarily, forming a bespoke team for a certain situation or calling upon their longtime friends, heroes often work in tandem with one another. Some of Marvel's premiere heroes are members of teams, from the mutant X-Men to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. The benefits of working in a team is that it allows powers to compliment other powers. Heroes who cannot fly can be lifted to better vantages by those who can or a stronger team member can protect the frailer participants. Working together also allows people to build bonds with one another, helping with cohesion and fostering team spirit. After all, it helps if everyone on the team likes each other.

Across the Marvel Comics universe, there are dozens of teams active at any one time, with rosters changing consistently. With a revolving door of faces moving through teams all the time, there is crossover between members. Some heroes have been part of more than one team over their career, sometimes being on multiple teams simultaneously. These journeymen of the team landscape have solidified themselves as reliable focal points for teams, even going on to lead entire teams themselves. As the Marvel universe is ever-evolving, there are even heroes who have begun as students of the X-Mansion and progressed over the years into a role as an Avenger! So, from trainee team players to captains of camaraderie, CBR brings together some of the best team players Marvel has to offer.

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Wolverine is possibly the most notorious team player in all of Marvel history. There have been times where Logan has been on several teams at once, for no discernible reason. Granted, he's a great addition to any team, but he does spread himself awfully thin at times.

Logan has enjoyed tenure on several incarnations of the main X-Men team, but that's only scratching the surface. He's been an Avenger, leader of several X-Force teams, headmaster of the Jean Grey School and most recently, leader of Weapon X. A true team player, one of his most famous moves involves him being thrown at bad guys by Colossus.


The Avengers Bruce Banner Tony Stark

Hulk has had an interesting relationship with teams over the years. At one point or another, he usually comes into conflict with the very teams he's a part of. However, there is no doubt both Banner and his rage-filled alter ego bring a sought after power set to the table.

Hulk has been a part of the Avengers longer than most, he's also shared a team with the likes of Silver Surfer and Namor during his time on the Defenders. He also led his own team, the Warbound, during Planet Hulk. Additionally, despite once being exiled into space by them, Banner eventually joined the Illuminati.


Deadpool can be a little grating to his teammates, but he usually means well. Despite primarily being a mercenary, Wade Wilson is a surprisingly great person to put in a group setting. His time on Uncanny X-Force saw him display a great sense of teamwork and preservation of his allies. He even fed Archangel his skin after an attack by the Horseman of Famine. It was disgusting, but it was thoughtful!

Deadpool has been deputized as an X-Man at one point, though only briefly. Though he was neither a mutant nor an Avenger, he was drafted into Rogue's Avengers Unity Squad. Wade's also developed a longstanding friendship with Spider-Man, against all odds.


Black Panther Movie

T'Challa knows the importance of leading, he's the King of Wakanda after all, but he doesn't have to lead a team to exist within one. Black Panther has been a member of the Avengers several times over the years, most recently bankrolling the team as their chairman.

In addition to his time on the Avengers, T'Challa has also stepped in to cover for members of the Fantastic Four, due to his close relationship with them. Not limiting his friendships to Earth, Black Panther also joined the Ultimates, seeking to solve problems across the universe. Bringing his advanced tech and regal tactical acumen, T'Challa is a credit to any team he jumps on.


Peter Parker is similar to Wade Wilson in that his mouth can often get him on the bad side of supers. However, despite his need to crack wise with his token anxious energy, Spider-Man loves a good team-up. Spidey's gone on adventures with just about everyone, even characters who can't stand his quips.

He has been part of the Avengers for a good while now, he's had a stint on the Fantastic Four on more than one occasion and he regularly works with other street-level heroes. During Spider-Verse, Peter had to work with a team full of Spider-Men from all across the multiverse, including Otto Octavius! Managing to co-exist with Superior Spider-Man, after a brief confrontation, showed his ability to put the greater good before personal vendettas.


Dr. Strange Depowered

Though Stephen tends to exasperate those around him with his antics, his close friend Wong included, teamwork is something he's no strange-r to. Dr. Strange has spent time on the Avengers roster, providing a much needed magical element to proceedings. Being the authority on magic as the Sorcerer Supreme means his expertise is invaluable.

Strange has also been a member of the Defenders, the Midnight Sons, the Illuminati and even the Infinity Watch. A seasoned and well-versed team player, he has also led the mysterious and powerful Black Priests, as shown in Time Runs Out. Whether acting in a support role or leading with his magical knowledge, Strange has been all over!


Undermining Captain America, arguing with his friends, acting impulsively and even ending the Hulk one time, Clint doesn't seem like a team player at all. This couldn't be further from the truth, however, as Clint's value is undeniable. Surprisingly, Clint's teamwork is best applied in a leadership role, a responsibility he's taken on numerous times.

Hawkeye has a very interesting resume, with membership on the Avengers being his most recognizable role. He's led a number of teams during his superhero career including West Coast Avengers, Secret Avengers and even helped mentor an incarnation of the Thunderbolts. He also has the personal approval of the Avengers' greatest leader, Steve Rogers.


Luke Cage is a man who values friendship and cooperation, he's been on several rosters, each time forming firm and lasting friendships. A team to Luke is like a family, and he treats his allies as such. Luke's dedication to his fellow street-level comrades saw him stand alongside Cap firmly in Civil War.

Luke has been part of the Avengers for a while now, serving as a reliable physical presence. He even led his own Avengers team, the Mighty Avengers, which boasted quite powerful alumni. Luke, much like Hawkeye, has also led the Thunderbolts, helping former criminals reform is something personally important to the impenetrable Cage.


Vision, though an android, has taken to human characteristics wonderfully in his tenure as a hero. One aspect that is definitely not lost on him is his ability to help his fellow heroes. He's filled many roles, from being the team muscle with his density manipulation, to being a mentor to younger heroes.

Vision's appeared on countless Avengers rosters, marrying Scarlet Witch for a time while with Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He has also spent time on the Young Avengers roster, acting as their teacher in the field. Vision once led a team of heroes comprised entirely of robotic, synthetic and android heroes, the team included a Doombot and Victor Mancha of the Runaways.



Beast is invited to join so many teams on account of his vast intellect and his ability to share his knowledge. Out of all of the big brains in the Marvel universe, Henry McCoy is the most open and agreeable. His past is a patchwork quilt of the most prestigious teams Earth has to offer, and beyond Earth, too!

Henry began as an X-Man, a founding member of the team, then progressed onto the Avengers. From there he joined the secretive Illuminati, combining his intellect with others with incredibly high IQ. In addition to this, he's worked with S.W.O.R.D. and even the Inhumans for a time, seeking to prevent a war when mutants and Inhumans came into contention.



Danny Rand is, for the most part, a pretty likable guy. His lighthearted approach to life endears him to his teammates. He was once shot in the chest while on a mission with the Defenders, and while his teammates panicked, he simply made a joke and pushed the bullet out using his chi. His ability to keep a cool head calms those around him.

Iron Fist has been a part of teams both in the regular realm and the mystical realm, he's been on a few Avengers rosters and helped form the Heroes for Hire with his best friend, Luke Cage. When the situation calls for it, he has teamed up with the greatest fighters from the seven Capital Cities of Heaven, forming the Immortal Weapons.



Flash Thompson used to be a thorn in our side, bullying Peter Parker while the pair were students. Since then, his estimation of Parker had increased a hundredfold. Developing a deep admiration for superheroes, he sees Spider-Man as the greatest example of heroics and seeks to emulate him. As a result, he's echoed Peter's ability to work with just about anyone.

Flash has been an Avenger, impressing Captain America during his time with the Venom Symbiote and particularly during Spider-Island. When Tony Stark could no longer be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Flash took his place. He's can also work alongside people he dislikes, as shown by his ability to begrudgingly work with Jack O'Lantern while he was being blackmailed by Crime Master.


Spider-Man Blade

You'd think Blade would be hard to work alongside given his disgruntled demeanor. He's contested with Spider-Man over the right to end Morbius a few times and he values his vendetta against vampires above all. However, due to his affinity for fighting vampires, he's become somewhat of a consultant on them.

His expertise doesn't stop there, however, he's fought all manner of supernatural beings. As a result of his exposure to the supernatural, he's been brought in to countless teams including the Mighty Avengers, Captain Britain's MI13 and Spirits of Vengeance. He even worked with the X-Men to take down Dracula's wayward son, though he did want to stab Jubilee...


Richard Rider has had the unfortunate feeling of being the only one left from a team that's been decimated. When the planet Xandar fell, only he was left to pick up the mantle of the Nova Corps. He did an excellent job, however, even reforming the Corps years later.

Nova's decorated in the field of team participation, having been part of several groups. He's been a part of the New Warriors, the Guardians of the Galaxy and he led the allied forces in the battle against the Annihilation Wave. Though he sometimes tries to take on too many responsibilities on his own, the value of having friends around him is not lost on the Human Rocket.


Ghost Rider RObbie Reyes

Ghost Riders have been known to join with others when the situation requires it, though their primary goal is to seek vengeance. Sometimes a team's motives align with vengeance, and that's great for the Rider. Currently, Robbie Reyes is a fully fledged Avengers member, albeit a newer addition.

He managed to prove himself when battling the Final Host by possessing a fallen Celestial. Johnny Blaze was called upon to help Dr. Strange turn back the tides of Hell in Damnation, alongside a rag-tag team of misfits. Ghost Rider was also part of the Spirits of Vengeance, helping prevent a war between Heaven and Hell!


Namor has been contributing to teams in the Marvel Comics universe for decades now. It's surprising that someone who is so negative towards the world above the depths of his kingdom takes part in so much teamwork. Regardless, whether due to favors owed or necessity, Namor is an asset to any team he graces with his royal presence.

The Sub-Mariner has been on super-teams as early as World War Two, joining with the All-Winners and the Invaders respectively. In the modern landscape, he's been an Avenger, a defender and an X-Man. Namor also holds a place on the mysterious and clandestine Illuminati.


Sunfire AoA

Sunfire has sometimes been a little contentious when part of a team, arguing with the likes of Wolverine when Logan tried to recruit him once. However, when he steps up, he steps up big time. When he stopped arguing with Logan and agreed to join the Avengers Unity Squad, he proved irreplaceable, even taking on the power of a Celestial to save his friends.

Shiro's no slouch when he has to contribute to a team, he's been party to a few X-Men rosters in his time. One of his primary accomplishments was being appointed as leader of Big Hero 6 for a while. Being able to represent his country's premiere super-team was an honor for the hot-headed hero.



Da Costa is a shining example of working hard and achieving a lot. Despite being incredibly rich, he was not prepared to rest on his laurels. Starting off at the Xavier Mansion, he was drafted into the New Mutants. Alongside his best friend, Cannonball, the two progressed to the point where they were more than X-Men.

Sunspot was called up alongside Cannonball to join the Avengers, personally asked for by Steve Rogers. During this time, he proved himself ready for a leadership role, taking over the New Avengers. He also bought the sinister A.I.M. organization and converted it into a force for good. Most recently, he led the U.S.Avengers.


Songbird Crouch 2to1

Melissa Gold hasn't always been on the right side of the law. She began as a villain, but chose to try and reform as part of the Thunderbolts. She showed a real dedication to becoming a contributor to society, and would progress quite far in the Thunderbolts. After a brief period of leading the team, she started to look for other opportunities.

With a degree of trust now earned, Songbird was able to become part of S.H.I.E.L.D. and as an operative, she formed a stronger friendship with Clint Barton. She also spent some time on the New Avengers, alongside Hawkeye, Sunspot and Squirrel Girl. A true success story!


Nico has come on leaps and bounds since running away from home with her fellow Pride children. Finding out your parents are villainous cultists isn't easy on a young woman, but part of moving past that was the bond she shares with her fellow Runaways. Naturally progressing into the leader role of the group, Nico helped keep the group safe through several of their biggest trials.

Nico's efforts didn't go unnoticed, she was called up to join the Avengers Initiative, alongside other promising young heroes. In addition to this she was chosen, alongside some of Marvel's most decorated women, to join A-Force.

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