Marvel's "Apocalypse Wars" Kick-Off Reveals New Horsemen Lineup

This article contains massive spoilers for "Extraordinary X-Men" #8.

With today's "Extraordinary X-Men" #8, Jeff Lemire and Humberto Ramos launched into the first X-Men event in the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" era. The first part of "Apocalypse Wars" arrived today in "Extraordinary X-Men," which saw Storm's rescue team investigating the sudden emergence of six hundred new mutant signatures -- a surprising development considering that the Terrigen Mist and M-Pox has rendered the mutant race sterile.

Colossus takes his new team of young X-Men (Anole, Glob Herman, No-Girl and Ernst) to investigate the mysterious mutant signatures only to find out that they are actually mutant embryos culled by the mad scientist Sugar Man. Sugar Man, who was last seen left for dead in last year's "Magneto" #19, plots to transport the embryos far into the future where they can grow up outside of the Terrigen-covered Earth -- with himself as their ruler, of course. Colossus' team prevents Sugar Man's plan from going off as planned, but the X-Men get shunted to the future along with the embryos.

Storm's team of senior X-Men arrive too late and take off to the future after Colossus' team, only to discover that much more time has passed for the metal X-Man and his students. The former X-students are older, but they're not the only X-Men that have undergone a change. The last page reveals that in the interim, Colossus has become one of Apocalypse's Horsemen -- alongside, future versions of what appears to be Venom, Deadpool and a female Moon Knight.

"Extraordinary X-Men" #9, the next chapter in this installment of "Apocalypse Wars," arrives on April 20.

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