Marvel's "Ant-Man" Steps In For "Man of Steel" Sequel in July 2015

It looks like fans will have the chance to experience Edgar Wright's first Marvel Studios film a little ahead of schedule -- Marvel.com reports that the anticipated 2015 movie has been moved up two weeks from its original release date to July 17. "Ant-Man" will now occupy the original release date of Warner Bros. "Man of Steel" sequel before its recent rescheduling to 2016.

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"Ant-Man" stepping in to the "Man of Steel" sequel's original release date is unlikely to be a coincidence. With no announced comic book film competition for July, Marvel moving "Ant-Man" up to fill the void is a smart move that has the potential to increase revenue and awareness with the added bonus of more time in theaters during the coveted summer season.

The last few months have been full of news for "Ant-Man," including the official casting announcement of Paul Rudd as the lead, Scott Lang, as well as Michael Douglas stepping on to play Hank Pym. While no further information has been revealed yet, unconfirmed reports state that the hunt is still on for the film's female lead.

Directed by Edgar Wright, "Ant-Man" hits theaters July 17, 2015.

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