Marvel Unveils Alex Ross-Designed Marvels Anniversary Variant Covers

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Marvels, the critically-acclaimed and award-winning limited series comic book by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, Marvel Comics will be releasing special variant covers painted by Ross for some of its most popular titles.

Marvel will begin releasing Ross’ anniversary covers in January, starting with Fantastic Four #6. Tony Stark: Iron Man #9 will follow in February, while March will see Ross tackling The Immortal Hulk #16. The anniversary celebration will continue into June, with twenty more artists creating variant covers as an homage to the landmark series.

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In celebration of the comic's 25th anniversary, Marvel will release Marvels Annotated, which features new covers and commentary from Busiek and Ross. Paolo Rivera will also create variant covers for the project.

First published in 1994, Marvels is set during the 1930s and ‘40s. The series follows Daily Bugle photojournalist Phil Sheldon as he witnesses the beginning of the Marvel Universe. Told from his point-of-view, the series sets out to show how the regular folks on the street see the dawning of the “Age of Marvels,” from the Human Torch’s first battle with Namor the Sub-Mariner, all the way through the debut of the X-Men and the anti-mutant hysteria surrounding them.

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The critically-acclaimed series won multiple Eisner Awards.

Marvels, a four-issue limited series by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross, is currently available as a remastered and reprinted trade paperback. Marvels Annotated #1 is set for publication in February 2019. The first of the anniversary variant covers will be released in January.

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