Marvel's Agent Coulson Heads Into "Battle Scars"

Since its announcement last summer, Marvel's "Battle Scars" mini series has been promoted as introducing a major new character into the Marvel Universe. Of course, most fans have grown to view Marcus Johnson - AKA the son of Nick Fury - as the character set to take a new role alongside the Avengers, but it turns out that movie-centric take on the company's chief superspy isn't showing up solo.

USA Today has the scoop that in this week's "Battle Scars" #6, Agent Phil Coulson - the dry humored S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who's stolen scenes in all the Marvel Studios pictures as portrayed by actor Clark Gregg - will make his comic book debut as well. "He's the viewpoint of the audience. He's the normal guy who's encountering all this strange superhuman stuff and reacting to it," Marvel SVP of Publishing told the paper.

Of course, there is more to Coulson's debut than giving readers an every man. Teaming the character with the now one-eyed son of Fury draws the Marvel comics more in line with the film universe, as writer Chris Yost explained "There is a great value in having new readers, people who come in after seeing the movies, and being able to pick up a comic that has the characters they recognize."

Earlier this month, Yost spoke with CBR News about the series and the role Marcus Johnson will play moving forward, saying, "The idea of a new Nick Fury Jr. character that was more like the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Nick Fury and the Nick Fury we're seeing now in animation came from the top. It was something that they knew they wanted to do and this was how we were going to do it As far as the details go, I fleshed out who Marcus was. I came up with his name, his mother, and their backstory. So the idea for Nick Fury's son came from the top and the details of Marcus Johnson came after that."

"Issue #6 is not lacking for action," he added. "Scot Eaton is doing the work of his career here. All the pages are in and they're amazing. At this point, Orion has Nick Fury captive. He's got a sample of Marcus' blood and used it to transform himself back to his ideal "fighting weight." He's got everything at this point and there's only one little loose thread in his plan and that's Marcus. So it should be a fun time."

For more on Coulson's comics debut, see USA Today, and stay tuned to CBR News for everything on "The Avengers" ahead of its May 4 debut.

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