Marvel's 5/17 True Believer Alert - "Gravity," "Last Hero Standing" & New Warriors

Marvel Next feels the pull of GRAVITY

"This is easily the most excited I've ever been about something I've written," says writer Sean McKeever of the new mini-series GRAVITY. "It's just so refreshing to see Marvel Manhattan through a new pair of eyes and to delve into that classic Marvel mix of super hero action and personal drama. And, to me, Mike's art just really screams 'Marvel!' at the top of its lungs."

Adds artist Mike Norton, "This book has been a dream come true. It's been great to work on something that has all the elements of why I got into comics in the first place."

McKeever and Norton, the creative team responsible for the acclaimed Indie drama, The Waiting Place, introduce the next great Marvel Next hero…NYC college freshman Greg Willis, aka Gravity! He's made his way through high school and moved out of his parents' house -- finally ready to get a job, pick a major, and meet the girl of his dreams…and also realize his dream of becoming a big-city super hero! But will the realities of city life, college and saving the day prove to be too much for him?

GRAVITY #1 (of 5)


Pencils & Cover by MIKE NORTON

32 PGS.

T+ Suggested for Teens and Up


Retailer FOC 5/17/2005, On Sale 6/8/2005 APR051870

Two generations unite for LAST HERO STANDING

June 8th is the street date for the second issue of LAST HERO STANDING -- a weekly five-part event that unites two generations of Marvel heroes!

Says penciler Pat Olliffe's, "The huge scale of Last Hero Standing has been the thing I've really enjoyed, and I know it'll be what the readers are going to enjoy as well. Getting the chance to draw all of these characters has been a blast!"

Tom DeFalco couldn't be more thrilled to pen the series, "After writing Spider-Girl for over seven years, it is a rare pleasure to visit some of my old friends in the real Marvel Universe like Captain America, Hawkeye, the Watcher, Vision and the Scarlet Witch. I grew up with these characters and they all helped to define the word 'Hero' for me. While Last Hero Standing is a stand-alone and accessible Hoo-Ha action story, I hope it will also remind old readers why they first fell in love with Marvel Comics and also start the love affair with some new readers."

With LAST HERO STANDING, the great heroes of the Marvel Universe are vanishing without a trace -- what has happened to Spider-Man, The Thing, Captain America, and the rest of the MU's heavy hitters? Spider-Girl and the Fantastic Five must join forces with today's superstars to uncover the answer…and the trail leads to a major Avengers villain! Does the presence of the Watcher signify the end of this age of heroes?


Written by TOM DEFALCO

Penciled by PAT OLLIFFE


32 PGS.


$2.99 each

Retailer FOC 5/17/2005, On Sale 6/8/2005 APR051877

Return of the NEW WARRIORS!

Because fans demanded it -- the return of the New Warriors!

"I think this is the type of book that can reach everyone, from kids to old school fans. If you're looking for a fast paced, funny, and action packed book, pick up New Warriors," says artist Skottie Young.

When Night Thrasher strikes a mysterious deal with a Reality-TV producer, the team moves out of New York to help the villain-plagued denizens of small-town America…but will their filmed exploits be uplifting, or just exploitative? Is heartland America ready for Big City Super-Heroics of the NEW WARRIORS?!

NEW WARRIORS #1 (of 6)

Written by ZEB WELLS

Pencils and Cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG

32 PGS.

T+ Suggested for Teens and Up


Retailer FOC 5/17/2005, On Sale 6/8/2005 APR051909

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