Marvel's 2014 Event Announced: Aaron and Deodato's "Original Sin"

As first teased last November, Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato Jr. are teaming for Marvel Comics' 2014 event, revealed in USA Today as titled "Original Sin."

Debuting in May, "Original Sin" will be an eight-issue miniseries (with covers by Julian Totino Tedesco) shipping in a span of four months, described as a "murder mystery" centering around the search for whoever killed long-running Marvel character Uatu the Watcher. Nick Fury -- the original version, called by Aaron in the article "the grizzled Marvel superhero version of an old homicide detective" -- will gather a team of Marvel heroes including Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Punisher, Doctor Strange, Emma Frost, Ant-Man and Black Panther to both pursue the killer, and prevent the Watcher's secrets from being revealed.

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"It's all the skeletons, all the dark things that you never know, all the interesting and intriguing information -- not all of it even bad," Marvel senior vice president of publishing Tom Brevoort is quoted. "And it will all expand out into dozens of stories that will cut to the core of who these characters are." Brevoort contrasted "Original Sin" with recently wrapped Marvel event series "Infinity" by saying the stakes in the upcoming story are much more personal.

"Original Sin" will start with a zero issue in April from writer Mark Waid and artist Jim Cheung, starring Uatu and the current Nova, Sam Alexander. Tie-ins are also in the works, with USA Today's piece stating that characters such as Wolverine and Spider-Man will have to deal with their "hidden histories" being revealed.

"It's not just about guessing which one of these five people pulled the trigger," Aaron, current writer of "Amazing X-Men" and "Thor: God of Thunder," said in the piece. "There's a bigger overall mystery than that."

Observers got their first hint of "Original Sin" in November, when a postcard was sent by Marvel to retailers with a chalk outline of Uatu and the date "May 2014." CBR News later confirmed that the mailer was promotion for a project by Aaron and Deodato. The first hints of a major storyline involving The Watcher came in Marvel's 2011 "Point One" one-shot, with a story by Ed Brubaker and Javier Pulido.

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