The 10 Most Horrifying Things that Happened in Marvel Zombies

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The Marvel comics are filled with fun, exciting, and lighthearted adventures with our favorite heroes. But there are also those darker, more gruesome tales that probably won't be making it into the MCU any time soon. One of the most famously bizarre storylines is the Marvel Zombie run.

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The story introduces an alternate universe that has been taken over by zombies, which means all of Marvel's biggest heroes are transformed into flesh-eating monsters. The run is a favorite among fans and is certainly a unique take on some of the most iconic comic book characters. Brimming with gore, here are the most horrific moments from Marvel Zombies.

10 Magneto Is Eaten


Given the severity of the zombie outbreak, the line between hero and villain becomes very blurred. This is one of the most fun aspects of the story, as it plays around with how we usually see these famous characters.

Early in the issue, Magneto is revealed to be one of the few characters who has not yet been transformed into a zombie. He is even trying to help the remaining humans escape to a safer dimension while staying behind to fight off the zombies. Though he puts up a good fight, he is eventually overcome and eaten alive.

9 Hank Pym's T'Challa Snack

The Marvel heroes have been through a lot over the years, but Marvel Zombies is really not shy about the gruesome way they are treated. While the zombie Avengers have formed an alliance to track down fresh meat, Hank Pym has a secret stash of food⁠—T'Challa.

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Pym keeps Black Panther locked up in his lab, gradually cutting off pieces of him whenever he gets hungry. Hank even bites off Janet's head when she discovers he's hoarding. Despite having his leg and arm eaten, T'Challa later proves he's still a badass.

8 The Avengers Eat Silver Surfer

Thor vs Silver Surfer Marvel Zombies 3

Marvel Zombies somehow manages to find a coherent way to cram just about every character you can think of into this crazy story. After the Avengers eat Magneto and wonder where they'll find their next meal, Silver Surfer arrives on Earth just in time.

Though Silver Surfer is only there to warn the heroes that Galactus is one his way to devour Earth, the zombies are only interested in eating. They overpower Silver Surfer, peel away his silver exterior and eat what's inside.

7 Galactus Feast

As it turns out, eating Silver Surfer did more than just satisfy the zombies' hunger; it also gave them cosmic powers. So when Galactus arrives to devour Earth, he gets more than he bargained for.

The zombies combine their cosmic powers to take down Galactus, then proceed to feast on the gigantic cosmic villain. It's a wonderfully bizarre moment in the story and one that proves literally no character is safe from these zombies.

6 Hulk Smashes Thanos


After eating every living thing on Earth, the remaining zombies decide they must seek a food source from somewhere else. Using their cosmic powers, they head into space to begin eating new planets. However, even that is only a temporary fix.

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After depleting the population of several planets, the zombies begin to worry about where they will go next. Thanos blames Hulk for eating more than his share and Hulk responds by smashing his head into a bloody mess.

5 Black Panther And Wasp Share A Meal

Black Panther romita

With the zombies out roaming in space for more meat, the survivors of Earth begin to rebuild things. Unsurprisingly, T'Challa is made the new leader and oversees a peaceful society with a reformed Zombie Janet as his close confidant.

One night, an assassin sneaks into T'Challa's room and stabs him. Attempting to save her king, Janet bites T'Challa, turning him into a zombie. With Janet's hunger returned and T'Challa's just beginning, they tear apart the assassin and eat him.

4 Hank Pym's Human Farm

One of the most interesting things about Marvel Zombies is the dark and villainous places the story is willing to take some of its oldest characters. As the zombie hunger grows more intense, these former heroes do some pretty terrible things to ensure they can continue feasting.

Hank Pym becomes the leader of the zombies and becomes consumed by his hunger. Upon returning to Earth, Hank realizes that the surviving humans can be bred to act as an unlimited source of food.

3 Morbius' Weapon

Though mostly known as a Spider-Man villain, the vampire has been a hero on several occasions as well. In Marvel Zombies, he becomes an integral part of the forces trying to stop the outbreak from spreading into their dimension.

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As the leader of the Midnight Sons, Morbius goes into battle with the zombies and is armed with a very special weapon. He designed a chemical that reacts in a specific way to the zombie virus which he loaded into a gun. When fired at the zombies, it obliterates them into a heap of blood and guts.

2 Tony Stark's End

While we're still reeling from Tony Stark's death in Avengers: Endgame, the Marvel Zombies story told a very different end for the iconic hero.

The Tony Stark from another universe is one who was never able to quit his drinking habit and subsequently lost his company. But as the zombies begin to take over, he reveals he has an interesting weapon to use against them —nanobots specifically used to fight the virus. Facing certain death, Tony drinks the nanobots and allows the zombies to eat him.

1 Spider-Man Vs Sinister Six

Zombie Spider-Man Galactus

Even our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man cannot remain innocent in this storyline. We see Zombie Spider-Man swinging around the city using his veins instead of webs. We see him rip off his own face. But the most shocking moment comes when he faces off with the Sinister Six.

Wanting to be the hero he used to be, Zombie Spider-Man confronts the villains and immediately loses his mind. He rips out Kraven's throat, electrocutes Doc Ock, rips Vulture's arms off and cuts Electro's head off. Effective, but not very heroic.

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