"Marvel Zombies" Enter "Battleworld" in "Secret Wars"

As Marvel continues to roll out new titles for this summer's "Secret Wars," "Marvel Zombies" -- and series protagonist Elsa Bloodstone -- will make their return on Battleworld thanks to Si Spurrier and Kev Walker, as announced on Bloody Disgusting.

"One of our quite explicit aims here is to remind everyone what a wonderful and unique character [Elsa] is," Spurrier told Bloody Disgusting. "Beneath the über-capable, sarcasm-spouting, unflappable kickass exterior lies a lot of really unique and harrowing stuff. To get at it we're going to peer into her troubled past and spend a little memory-time in the company of Mr Ulysses Bloodstone: adventurer; monster hunter; crappy dad."

When the story opens, Bloodstone is stuck with the grueling task of defending the Shield, a barrier along the southern hemisphere of Battleworld that keeps the zombies contained. Battle weary and self-loathing, she fights both zombies and her gut instinct to rescue a human girl she spots trapped on the wrong side of the Shield one day

"This isn't a good world which has been invaded by a corruptive element; it's an irredeemable, unsalvageable land of pure corruption from which Elsa must try to escape," Spurrier explained. "The zombies are the anvil against which her character is beaten, rather than the object of most interest. Which, of course, is not to say that all of our zombies will be faceless uninteresting groan-wranglers. I can't say very much about the who and the why without giving away some of the really cool plot elements we've got in store for you, but you can be assured we'll encounter more than a few complex, cunning and creepy brainguzzlers with agency and proactivity of their own.

"I'll let other writers say more about this, since mine isn't the story most closely embroiled in the workings of the Shield, but it's pretty tacitly what it sounds like: a barrier between the 'civilised' regions of the world (which isn't an especially accurate description in some cases, but still) and the untameable, horrific and corruptive regions," he elaborated. "North of the shield the business of Battleworld rumbles on. South of it there is, literally, no hope."

"Marvel Zombies" shuffles into stores this June.

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