Marvel Zombies Return, An Avenger Resurrected & More May Highlights

Check out Marvel’s full solicitations for May 2017, and read on for our highlights!

The Secret Empire is here – but who will survive Steve Rogers’ reign of terror?

The culmination of writer Nick Spencer’s Captain America epic arrives in April. Not only will the saga unfold over the course of its nine-issue miniseries, “Secret Empire” will inspire a number of one-shots and more than a handful of tie-ins (nine in May alone) across the Marvel Universe. When the heroes of the world learn that Steve Rogers has been a Hydra agent all along, allegiances are chattered, new partnerships are formed, and judging by the cover and solicitation copy for “U.S.Avengers” #6, at least one longtime Marvel hero may die.

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That’s just in Captain America’s specific corner of the Marvel Universe; as we spread out across the rest of Marvel Comics’ May releases, we find the following items of note:

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