What Marvel's New X-Men Teaser Tells Us About House of X & Powers of X

If you're a fan of the X-Men, then you're aware Marvel Comics has some exciting plans for the merry mutants this summer. Jonathan Hickman will make his return to Marvel to pen two X-Men related miniseries: House of X and Powers of X with artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva, respectively. Hickman's last Marvel work was the universe-altering Secret Wars in 2015, and the amount of years and build-up that led into the event gives fans hope that he can bring that same energy to the X-Men franchise.

The newest piece of teaser artwork by Mark Brooks offers a glimpse of the heroes and villains who could possibly play a role in House of X and Powers of X. Now, if you look very closely, you'll notice there have been some surprising changes made to a few key members of the X-Men, which could allude to where Hickman and his collaborators plan on taking their stories.

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X-Men Powers Unite

It takes precision teamwork to be a successful superhero unit, which is why the X-Men used to spend time training together in the Danger Room. One of the techniques perfected by Wolverine and Colossus was the "Fastball Special," where Colossus would literally toss his teammate like a baseball at their opponents. While there is no evidence of this taking place in the X-Men teaser, there is proof of working together possibly going a bit too far in the physical appearance of a few characters.

For example, take a look at two characters spotted with dominant positions on the left and right borders of the image. Beginning on the left is a man with what looks like Nightcrawler's body, fingers and costume, but his skin tone is a tanned orange. His face, hair and red eyes belong to Gambit, who does not appear anywhere else on the teaser. However, Nightcrawler in his regular form can be seen on the teaser's right side.

Speaking of the right portion of the teaser, there is a woman holding Magik's Soulsword in her armored left hand. Her bare right hand and the skin on her face is metallic, like Colossus, meaning the brother and sister have now become one. To add one more observation to the discussion, the woman's uniform and ponytail hairstyle match those of the New Mutant Dani Moonstar. So what has happened to combine so many of these X-Men together in this manner? Individually, Magik, Colossus and Moonstar aren't featured, but we do have them together in one body.

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