Marvel Wraps Up "X-Men" in February

A reveal with very little fanfare or announcement was included in Marvel Comics' recently-released February 2013 solicitations. Amongst the new titles for Marvel NOW! including "Nova" and "Uncanny X-Men," the publisher included the detail that "X-Men" will end with issue #41 written by series newcomer Seth Peck with art by Jefte Palo. Peck's first issue of "X-Men" hit last week and received strong marks from CBR reviewer Greg McElhatton, who called the team-up issue between Domino and Daredevil "a fun and compelling comic."

While the end of "X-Men" doesn't come as much of a surprise to those following the slew of cancellations and reboots as a result of Marvel NOW!, the lack of fanfare for the series is odd. "X-Men" relaunched only two years ago under writer Victor Gischler and most recently wrapped a well-received arc by writer Brian Wood.

Although this is the final issue of the adjectiveless X-book, it seems unlikely Marvel will let the title end completely. Peck's final issue of "X-Men" centers around Storm putting together a team to search for "the start of the next" with Angel possibly challenging her for leadership. The concept of the issue seems like a good lead-in to a new series and "X-Men" #41 will get a Final Issue variant cover from Dale Keown in the same vein as other long-running series that were recently cancelled for Marvel NOW! As if to support the theory, the publisher has already begun another round of Marvel NOW! series teasers for March, most recently hyping a new Wolverine-related series by Paul Cornell and Alan Davis.

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