Marvel: The Worst Thing Each Member Of Thanos' Black Order Has Ever Done

Beside every great man is a great woman. And surrounding every great supervillain is a formidable and loyal army! Thanos has cemented himself as one of the Marvel Universe's biggest baddies over the years. Naturally, one ought to expect the Black Order - Thanos' praetorian guard - to live up to their leader's legacy.

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To that end, the Black Order certainly doesn't disappoint - these villains have consistently kicked the snot out of juggernauts like Captain Marvel, the Hulk, and - well - the Juggernaut! This article is dedicated to underscoring The Black Order's worst acts - and exemplify why Thanos loves these psychos so much.

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9 Kaldera

The youngest member of the Black Order is also the most juvenile; the worst thing Kaldera's done is kidnap Sam Alexander's mother and sister to instigate a fight. Kaldera hasn't destroyed any planets or dismantled any teams yet, but she has gained the ire of the second Nova.

We also question Kaldera's loyalty to the Black Order, as she may have a crush on Sam Alexander. We see this ending a few ways; Kaldera and Sam could elope, break off their fling, or go the "on-again, off-again" route.

8 Black Dwarf

You might know Black Dwarf as Cull Obsidian if you paid special attention to Infinity War's credits. Black Dwarf usually is the first member of the Black Order to catch peoples' eyes - mostly because he looks like a beefed-up Cave Troll with an ax!

Despite his imposing stature, Black Dwarf hasn't accomplished much - the worst thing he did was invade Wakanda, leading him to get smacked down by T'Challa's forces. It looks like it just doesn't pay to be strong - you've also got to be smart to truly be lethal.

7 The Challenger

The Challenger is the newest character in the Black Order, debuting in 2018's Avengers: No Surrender storyline. This alien is positively ancient - about as old as the Grandmaster, for context. Much like Black Dwarf, Challenger hasn't done as much as his constituents.

But unlike Black Dwarf, we suspect the Challenger will become a greater threat in time. In our opinion, the Challenger's worst act is teleporting Earth out of our Solar System. He didn't do that to further the Black Order's goals, by the way - he did it for kicks and giggles.

6 Black Swan

Black Swan's origin story essentially begins with her destroying multiple Earths. That's already a pretty high bar, in terms of villainy. However, Swan also served an evil (-er) version of Doctor Doom for years - razing civilizations without breaking a sweat.

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Black Swan is one of the Black Order's more dangerous members as well; she has superstrength, the gift of flight, telepathic powers, force fields, and eye beams. In short, Black Swan essentially own the superpower lottery.

5 Corvus Glaive

To prove his loyalty to Thanos, Corvus Glaive betrayed his entire species! Glaive's foes have little chance of beating him, as his eponymous weapon makes him immortal - so long as it's intact.

More often than not, Glaive knocks around powerful heroes like the Hulk and Hyperion all by himself! Corvus also has a knack for busting planets - a passion he shares with the next member of the Black Order.

4 Proxima Midnight

Proxima Midnight

Do you remember that creepy, blue-haired lady in Infinity War? She almost killed Black Widow and Scarlet Witch on two separate occasions! Well, that monster was Proxima Midnight - Thanos' strongest warrior and Corvus Glaive's lover.

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Proxima Midnight took plenty of heads during the Infinity event - in which she invaded Earth and laid siege to New York City. Midnight proved why she's considered the strongest member of the Black Order by carving up citizens and beating down Luke Cage! She's also fought Unworthy Thor - giving the Asgardian a Hela a fight (*puts on shades.*)

3 Ebony Maw

ebony maw

Proxima Midnight maybe Thanos' strongest soldier, but Ebony Maw is considered to be his overall deadliest. Unlike his cinematic counterpart, Maw lacks telepathic powers. Instead, Maw uses his mind in a different fashion - manipulating others like chessboard pieces.

In his youth, Ebony Maw served in Thanos' Butcher squad - a name that inspires all sorts of warm, cozy feelings. The Butchers were less organized and efficient than the Black Order - they used to kill purely for the sake of making people fear Thanos more.

2 Supergiant


Supergiant is such a secretive character that most forget she's a member of the Black Order. But that only makes her job easier - which consists of acting from the shadows and using her mental powers to create chaos!

Using her Omnipathic abilities, Supergiant helped Thanos kill his wayward children to prove herself to the Mad Titan. When she joined the Black Order, Supergiant continued playing mind games with her prey - quarry that includes the likes of the Guardians and the Avengers!

1 Hela

That's right, the Queen of Death leads the Black Order in the Marvel Comics universe. To wit, Hela and Thanos have a weird romantic relationship (likely because Thanos is obsessed with Death like a creepy stalker.) Undoubtedly, Hela's worst act is kickstarting Ragnarok - which means "twilight of the gods" in Viking. Unlike Taika Waititi's hilarious 2017 film, Ragnarok isn't a fun time for anyone involved - both in classic Norse Mythology and in the Marvel Comics universe. Odin gets killed by a giant wolf, Thor murders a massive snake before succumbing to its venomous bite, and Asgard gets completely wiped off the map! All of this because of Hela's grudge against the Aesir - Thor and Odin's people.

In general, Hela leads the Black Order with efficiency and finesse - making the team that much more dangerous to Marvel's heroes. Hela can reign in Glaive and Midnight's bloodlust, making sure that they don't get carried away killing insignificant targets. Hela also knows how to make the most out of the Order's muscle - aiming Black Dwarf and Kaldera at targets that are worth the effort. Hela's such a great leader that Thanos feels confident leaving the Order in her hands - at least, for the time being.

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