15 Marvel Women Who Would Destroy Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman has been a paragon of virtue at DC Comics since she was created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter in 1941. The character hasn't just influenced DC's evolution, but comics on a whole. After several animated movies and cartoons, fans are now seeing her take flight, building from a solo film to the Justice League movie, and further cementing her legacy as a pop culture icon. It may well be a new beginning of bigger things to come!

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Now, if you're a contemporary fan, you've seen her kicking butt in events like Darkseid War, and in the more recent Dark Nights: Metal! But before you go chalking her up as the baddest and most authoritative woman in comics, hold the phone! Marvel Comics has a few ladies that can certainly out-wonder her in the field of battle and as controversial as that may seem, it's true. She is a demigod but in this medium, even gods can fall. Wonder Woman has weaknesses and we've managed to find a few women who can exploit them and take her out!

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The Phoenix entity is a cosmic force that can well be considered a galactic god. Look at the genocide it committed in the space-ways when it possessed Jean Grey and then corrupted the X-Man into becoming the Dark Phoenix. Devouring planets is something that Diana, on the other hand, hasn't been capable of. She may have helped enslaved Earth with Superman's regime in the Injustice universe but the Dark Phoenix literally razes worlds.

That's one of the reasons Simon Kinberg is helming the Dark Phoenix reboot over at Fox. They know her godlike powers make her one of comics' biggest draws. Diana may be a god but it will be tough for Wonder Woman to stand up to this being, which ironically already has a DC scalp in its book called Darkseid. So yeah, it can take out gods, new and old.


storm x-men

Storm's ability to manipulate the weather has seen her called the "Weather Goddess" at times in comics and animation. The mutant has even been classified by Sentinels as omega-level while hunting her, which is proof enough that she can take Wonder Woman down. Sure, Diana is a god but can she withstand someone who can freeze her, raise the temperature to excessively hot or hurl Zeus-like thunderbolts at her?

As durable as she is, Diana would surely have a handful given that Storm is such a diverse character in terms of her power set. Controlling the weather means Ororo Munroe can also throw snow storms, sand storms, avalanches, typhoons and tidal waves at her if she decides to max her powers out. Of course, the important thing to remember is that this fight has actually happened, during the DC Vs. Marvel crossover of 1996, a battle which Storm won, decisively!

13 SIN

red skull's daughter FINAL

While Patty Jenkins' movie set her in World War I, Wonder Woman is best known in the comics for taking out Nazis. However, Sin isn't your ordinary Marvel Comics Nazi. She's the daughter of the Red Skull and Captain America has had regular trouble punching her lights out. In the Fear Itself event, she even donned the Hammer of Skadi to become godlike, which would spell trouble for Diana of Themyscira.

Past iterations also had Sin as Mother Superior where she boasted powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and intangibility, so there's always this version of the character that can run at Wonder Woman too. Given her knowledge of the occult and Norse mythology, don't be surprised if Sin brings the Midgard Serpent to the battlefield as well. She may not normally be superhuman but Sin is clearly not your ordinary villainess.


hela thor ragnorak blanchett

Hela will be getting her cinematic due when Thor: Ragnarok hits cinemas in November and that's because she's one of Marvel's biggest villains. As the Queen of Hel, she commands the dead so Wonder Woman can already draw parallels to when she takes on Hades at DC. Her mystical powers and illusions have also led to her killing Asgardians so she is depicted as a slayer of gods.

Hela has a "death-touch" and is a soul-collector, so when you couple that with her Nightsword weapon, you have quite an opponent. Wonder Woman would do best not to underestimate her as Hela usually has pacts and allies waiting to be unleashed. It may be Loki, Frost Giants or even Surtur, so expect the unexpected. In comics, she's Loki's daughter after all, and could even bring new lover, Thanos, to the party!


This is all about the brawn when it comes to these two throwing down. Wonder Woman may have the blood of Zeus in her (well, depending on which DC retcon you're into), but in terms of her bloodstream Jen Walters has a Hulk! After a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner, powered her up, she gained the power to become one of the mightiest Avengers of all time. Once they engage in fisticuffs, expect major damage.

She-Hulk's strength and recovery factor makes has quite the opponent and if she loses it like her cousin does, Diana may find a rampaging Hulk that can tear Olympus and Themyscira down bit by bit. Diana would definitely need her shield and weapons for this fight if she ever wanted to stand a chance.



X-Men and Uncanny Avengers fans know just how tough a cookie Rogue is. She's badass, has a short fuse and is very powerful once you consider how she can absorb other people's abilities. Altogether, that's an arsenal that Wonder Woman should be thinking twice about because Rogue could harness all the powers of the Avengers or Justice League and come after her!

When she was at the peak of controlling her powers, Rogue could combine the Hulk, Superman and even Jean Grey against Diana! She would literally be a walking, talking weapon of mass destruction. We don't think Wonder Woman wants a piece of someone who can be an X-Man, an Avenger and even a Justice Leaguer at the same time. The thing is Rogue can even absorb Diana's abilities with the merest touch, rendering Wonder Woman weak, or to the point where she may actually die.


Cassandra Nova

Cassandra Nova can provide the mental threat that Max Lord offered when he sent Wonder Woman over the edge. Lord had the League up in arms due to his mental manipulation and Diana broke it off by controversially snapping his neck. Now, Cassandra Nova is the parasitic twin sister of Charles Xavier, so in terms of being a wicked psychic, she fits the bill and can show DC how to really break Wonder Woman.

Cassandra has been a thorn in the X-Men's side for years and her disdain for her brother has seen her commit heinous acts across the board. She could easily mind-control the League, X-Men or Avengers to take Diana out of commission, or jump into Wonder Woman's mind on her own. Cassandra isn't a fighter, that's for sure, but what she lacks in fists, she makes up for in thought and planning. She also has telekinesis as a back-up card to play.



Valkyrie was kept out of the mainstream spotlight until she was brought back for Secret Avengers. Known back on Asgard as Brunnhilde, she actually comes pretty close to being Marvel's version of Wonder Woman (godhood aside). She's a member of the powerful warriors known as Valkyrior and while she's not immortal, she is as tough a fighter as any Asgardian god.

She can also sense death, as her people usually transport Asgardians to Valhalla, which helps her be more efficient in fighting. She boasts an enchanted sword named Dragonfang, which certainly matches up to Diana's Godkiller sword! What makes Valkyrie all the more deadly is that while Sif would show a measure of control, Valkyrie was bred to finish the job and to truly put anyone who threatens her way of life into the ground.



Loki comes in many shapes and sizes, but no matter the form, the character is deadly. After Ragnarok, Loki returned as a female to work with Doctor Doom to bring back Asgardians and their enemies, so that alone can put her on Hera's level. In fact, if she teams up with Zeus' wife, that's double the hate for Wonder Woman. Loki could easily goad Olympus into attacking Diana and has the same sinister vibe as Ares, the god of war.

Deception is something Wonder Woman struggles with, as seen with her usual foes such as Circe and Enchantress, so to have another sorceress like this in the mix... well, let's just say that it could spell disaster. Loki also has Mephisto to call on, as well as other Marvel allies, so she could certainly drop a heavy magical payload on Wonder Woman.


Wonder Woman is an experienced fighter and one of the best in the history of comics. But you cannot dispel the power of youth. Avril Kincaid is the new Quasar and she would be perfect to teach this old god new tricks. As we recently saw in Secret Empire, she's Earth's great hope for taking out Chitauri armies and impenetrable barriers; in fact, you can consider her one of Marvel's biggest cosmic heroes thanks to her quantum bands.

These allow Quasar to manipulate huge amounts of cosmic energy and act as a solar flare. Basically Wonder Woman would be fighting a highly-intelligent space nuke and we're certain that's the last thing she could handle. Phyla-Vell (daughter of Genis-Vell, aka the old Captain Marvel) also donned this moniker, and while she's just as powerful, there's something about Avril that makes us think she's the wildcard to stun Wonder Woman.


Angela Guardians Galaxy

Angela was created by writer Neil Gaiman and artist Todd McFarlane to fight Spawn at Image Comics. Marvel surprisingly got rights to her after Gaiman liberated her, and she joined the party after the Age of Ultron comic event. Angela would later hook up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, coming over from the Tenth Realm of Heven.

Many thought she was a rogue angel but if Diana fights her, she'll be fighting her equivalent as Angela was revealed to be Odin's daughter. Such was her godlike prowess that Angela also took over as Queen of Hel. Given that they both have a similar history of divine deadbeat dads, and that they love medieval battles with swords and shields, it's tough to pick a side. However, Angela's background comes from a place of cutthroat killing -- which means she won't hesitate to slit Wonder Woman's throat!


scarlet witch hex

Wonder Woman, no matter how far she wanders when she sees what Scarlet Witch can do, won't be able to escape her reality-altering powers. From simple hexes to warping your very existence, Wanda Maximoff has done it all. Just ask all those mutants who were de-powered at the end of House of M. Can you imagine her saying "No More Themyscira?" Or even Olympus?

If Diana takes her on in an unhinged state, that's even worse. With just a few words, Wanda can destroy everything and everyone Diana knows and loves, but also, she can rip Wonder Woman's very fabric apart. Scarlet Witch is one of Marvel's biggest assets, especially when it comes to fighting gods, so we're betting on red here due to her appetite for destruction.


Emma Frost doesn't care if she's a hero or villain. Whether it's with the Hellfire Club or saving the X-Men from the Avengers or Inhumans, as long as it concerns her self-preservation, she'll do what it takes. Now, she's not as versed in combat as Wonder Woman, but she's learned quite a few tricks over the years from all of her team affiliations.

Due to being one of the strongest telepaths alive, Emma can destroy you from within your mind. We can see her tricking Diana into watching Steve Trevor or her Amazonian people dying, then pouncing at the opportune moment. Her diamond-form would rile Wonder Woman, but rest assured, if she gets into her mind, it will make what Max Lord did look like child's play. Emma is as cerebral as they come, and just as lethal!


Captain Marvel-carol

Carol Danvers has been a major player in Marvel for the last few years. Both Civil War events pushed her to the forefront and now she has her own Captain Marvel movie lined up. Wonder Woman has rarely faced such a leader who is every bit as badass as she is assertive. Danvers has taken it to both Captain America and Iron Man recently, illustrating that she pulls no punches when it comes to the mission.

Her human/Kree physiology as well as her powers of flight, durability and of course, energy manipulation, also make her a weapon of mass destruction, so you best believe that Wonder Woman will be kept busy if they tussle. Fans may not admit it but Carol does have that killer instinct, as seen when she put Tony Stark into a coma. Now that's the kind of dedication you can't out-lasso!



Jason Aaron retooled a cancer-fighting Jane Foster as the new person worthy of wielding Mjolnir. As Thor, she has proven to be quite the warrior, resetting order across all the realms, while putting the Odinson in doubt as to if he really did his job well. Now, Diana may be a god but when it comes to Thor, godhood is personified fully! Mjolnir alone is reason enough to back her against Wonder Woman.

Thor doesn't pull any punches and Diana would need more than a shield, sword and lasso. Bring the bracelets, bring whatever weaponry you can. Wonder Woman needs it all because when Thor brings the thunder and lightning, it's hammer-time! Jane has not held back anything whatsoever in the role and we expect her to come out on top in the battle of goddesses.

Let us know in the comments which other Marvel female you think could top Wonder Woman!

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