Marvel Teases Original Wolverine's Return, More Infinity Stone Revelations


The Infinity Stones are a pretty big deal in the Marvel Universe at the moment. While Thanos is in pursuit of them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comics have been shining a light on the objects after a resurrected Wolverine was shown in possession of one in Marvel Legacy #1.

Today, Marvel Comics has released a teaser image for an upcoming "Infinity" saga, showing three of the stones floating above the outstretched hands of Logan, Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord and Captain Marvel with the message, "They hold Infinity! The countdown begins in February."

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The press release for the teaser identifies the three stones as the Power Stone (revealed as a monstrous piece of rock in Guardians of the Galaxy #147), Space Stone and Reality Stone. Seeing as how the Power Stone is back to its more recognizable shrunken state in the artwork above, it must go through quite an adventure between now and February. The color of the Space Stone matches the one Wolverine has in Marvel Legacy #1, which still begs the question of what a non-cosmic figure would be doing with it. As for Captain Marvel, we don't know how she'll come into possession of the Reality Stone, which so far, hasn't re-surfaced.

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Guardians of the Galaxy writer Gerry Duggan recently pulled back the curtain on the reinvention of the Infinity Stones, and why the Power Stone is so drastically different than it was prior to Secret Wars.

“The Power Stone is the first example of the high shelf that these stones have been put on, seemingly out of reach of even Cosmic Elder hands,” he said. “The Reality Stone might not be in this reality, and the Time Stone may be not in our particular timeline right now. And so, there is a real sense that, in order to gather them, you would have to do some really heavy lifting. That is, in and of itself, gonna be a blast to be able to show everyone, to reveal where that stuff is. I don’t necessarily want to go too into where they are, but in the next year, all will be revealed pretty quickly."

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